Thursday, May 28, 2009

Author's Note First Fund Raiser!

Hey guys! If you like what you're reading and want to get to the point where I started... the fall of the Empire... Please hit the donate button! Throw me a dollar or two to keep going. Comment on the chapters if you like them, or complain if you don't. Let me know how you like it... Do you want me to continue at this pace? Is there someone you'd like me to write about?

Tell all your friends about the Book!

Tell your enemies, you never know they might have that much good taste!

I'm even telling my computer and Bell service techs in India!

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  1. I'd just like to add a point about making donations... people often feel like they shouldn't donate a dollar or two, even though ANYONE can afford that, because it's too little, or it'll get eaten by admin fees, etc.

    Two points.

    PayPal takes 3%. That means Shirley (or me if you donate on my site, she wrote self-interestedly) gets 97 cents on your dollar. So admin fees aren't really a factor.

    Second, consider the categorical imperative. If a thousand people decide not to donate a dollar, they've just done Shirley out of... well, you do the math.

    Hey, if you want to help provide a writer steady income... you can donate a dollar a month. $12 annually for a daily dose of good reading isn't that much, and there's nothing writers need more than steady income. (It allows us to plan our lives!)