Saturday, August 8, 2009

From the Worldcon

Hey there!

I'm writing from the floor of the dealer's room... the only place I can get wireless in Le Palais des Congre de Montreal. The costumes are starting to come out and I've attended a number of cool discussions.

The artwork is excellent and I'm pleased to find out that people remember me from years ago. Hello if you lot log in.

I'm told I should probably start my 11th century nun/assassin in the 27th century book soon.... oh and she's really not a nun yet... and her ancestor slaughtered the Albigensians so she has no trouble killing those who need it... after all, God will know his own... Too bad the current pope is an alien who has cloven hooves... but she doesn't look at pictures of 'Il Papa', she just knows that the Holy See still exists...

Anyway... Hello from Montreal.


  1. No wireless in the hotel room, eh? That sucks... if I were running a WorldCon I'd require it of the main hotel. I wonder if Anime North has it?

    Thought for the day: fifty years ago, wasn't hang gliding science fiction?

  2. Two comments for the sake of accuracy. First, wireless is available throughout the lower main concourse at the Palais des Congre de Montreal (a large exhibition hall and conference center) and certainly wireless is readily available at all surrounding hotels.

    Second, the term “Cathars” derives from the Greek word Katheroi and means “Pure Ones". They were a gnostic Christian sect of tolerant pacifists that arose in the 11th century, an offshoot of a small surviving European gnostic community that emigrated to the Albigensian region in the south of France.The medieval Cathar movement flourished in the 12th century A.D. throughout Europe until its virtual extermination at the hands of the Inquisition in 1245.

    There are an ever increasing number of historians and other academics engaged in serious Cathar studies. Interestingly, to date, the deeper they have dug, the more they have vindicated claims that medieval Catharism represented a survival of the earliest Christian practices.

    Thank you!
    Brad Hoffstetter
    Communications Division
    Assembly of good Christians

    Some credible sources:

  3. Glad you're having fun!

  4. thanks Greenglass... um check out Simon de Montford re: the Cathars...