Monday, May 17, 2010

Author's Note

Posting six days a week... I've gotten a little behind on things, so I had it driven home to me pretty hard that my kid, my house and my car all need attention. I'm fighting off burnout and hope that a few extra days will restore some sanity around here [fat chance]. Screens, and lawn and a new hen house... oh my!

I am going to take a rest from the nineteenth of May to the twenty fifth. That includes the Canadian long weekend so it's only a few days extra. My apologies for the short notice.


  1. Don't sweat it, deal with the mundane before it overwhelms. The story will come to you, just think of all there is for Minis to talk about, or just have fun with Illi playing, or Gan's got a lot to talk about too- and none of that is pretty or fun but it's lancing a boil, or maybe a collection of boils that have been allowed to fester. I can see wanting to stop and take a deep breath before that plunge.
    Just take a break, or write something fun like Illi (or that hapless Mahid who looks for Minis in Hyrene... ;)) Think Haian thoughts... all will be well... it is going as it should.

  2. Dear Blue,

    Thank you! Yes, everything is going as it should! I just need to breath some... as Zinchaer says to Minis... remember, breathing is good.

  3. You deserve a vacation, oh talented one. =)

  4. The astute reader of both Shirley's and my work might notice that we have both, in author's notes, mentioned the repair and maintenance of screens.

    There is a reason for this. Basically, we both live in an area with biting insects that, while they may not have the wingspan of F-18s, do have the alacrity, along with an unquenchable thirst for blood. This is the time of year in which they unfurl their wings and descend upon our houses in their millions, coating our screens with a thick, whining, pulsating grey layer of themselves, radiating hunger. If a screen is breached, even slightly... I leave it to your ghoulish imaginations.

    So, yes. If we tell you we have to take hiati to fix our screens, we HAVE to take hiati to fix our screens. You don't want us to turn into empty, bloodless, rattling shells, incapable of writing.

  5. Ah yes. The infamous flying vampiric swarms. Mosquitos will just bite, black flies will bring knife and fork. (they rip out a tiny chunk of skin instead of using a proboscis)

    And thank you Greenglass... long-distance hugs!

  6. They ain't kiddin'. We were up there in the summer and they were EVIL.