Tuesday, November 16, 2010

384 - They All Want to Help Me

Akminchaer stimulated the needles in me and I was floating when Kyriala and Gannara and Ilesias and Grandfather came in.  I was just lying there while the apprentices were tidying up.  They’d put a nice pad of lint and gauze over the incision and then wrapped around my shoulder.  “You need to keep the sling on two days… then you come back and I will see if you may remove it.”
“All right.”
The needles had come out and the remedies under my tongue had me at least upon the Earthsphere once more. I really wanted to look at Ky and didn’t all at the same time.  I wasn’t sure where to look.
A rustle next to the bed and her perfume was all around me… roses.  Gan had Ili by the shoulder with this shen eating grin on his face and Grandfather was speaking quietly to Akminchaer.
“Minis.” She said.  Oh I missed hearing her voice. I missed her perfume I missed her. I missed her dreadfully and didn’t dare think of her because it hurt too much.  I raised my eyes to her.
“Serina Liren.” She was a feast for my eyes and I couldn’t help smiling at her.  She had her lips pressed together and was tapping her fan slowly against her opposite wrist… not a good sign.  She was dressed in something lacey and frothy silver and blue. I didn’t know anything about women’s dresses but it looked really beautiful on her.  She actually had a narrow red stripe dyed into one of the locks of hair at one temple and it wove back into the elaborate hairstyle like flames or embers.
She sniffed.  “I gave you permission to use my name when we were upon the road.  I do not recall having rescinded that permission!”  She sounded… ticked.
“No offence intended, Kyriala.  Thank you for reminding me.”  Gannara snorted and I glanced over at him but he was speaking to Ili.
“Ailidas knew you were back in the city?  And in the Marble Palace and you didn’t think I wished to know, Minis?” 

I closed my eyes.  I was TRYING to keep you safe. I admit I whined to myself.  No feminine gushing over oh dear you got hurt? Are you safe? Are they going to CUT YOUR HEAD OFF? No. Just… You didn’t tell me. I am NEVER going to understand girls.
I closed my eyes harder.  “My apologies, Serina… Kyriala.  I was a trifle busy and it began by me trying to keep you safe.  It was necessary to inform Ailadas what I was doing so that Ili might have a safe place to stay when I turned myself into the authorities.  I have apologized to him for using him so.”
“Grandson.”  My eyes popped open and Grandfather was standing like a column of ice next to Kyriala.  She didn’t look nervous of him at all.  “How are you feeling?”
“I’m… sore.”  I was wondering that my stomach was perfectly settled.  I didn’t feel nauseated at all.
“Natural enough.  I shall inform your mother of your condition.”  Was that a twitch from Kyriala?  No, she and Grandfather had obviously spoken before. “The Haian was pleased with the course of the surgery and you should be out of a sling in a few days rather than weeks.”  He glanced at Kyriala and then went on.  “You should be fit enough for your campaign.”
My campaign. Yes.  I have to win the Crystal Throne vodai… or be a pretender on the Temple steps for the Ten Tens or the new Imperator will cut Ili’s head off and my head off.  My mother will kill herself… and now… there are two… three people who stand vulnerable to Imperial retribution if I fail. I put my right hand over my face.  

“Minis.”  Kyriala sounded… firm.  I took my hand down and stared at her.  “You do not have to do this by yourself, she said.  We need to gather together your campaign troops… myself and your mother, the Regent candidate Kallijas… my friends, including the Fenjitza, though she must remain neutral.”  She snapped her fan open.  “This is not a one man show.  Put that out of your head. WE are going to organize your campaign and I… personally… believe you are the best candidate for the Crystal Throne.”
Was that a twitch upon my Grandfather’s face?  A ghost of a smile? No, surely not. Gannara and Ili came up and Ili sat on the bed next to my head.  I felt… oddly surrounded by… my family.  I had family.  I had friends. It made my head spin.  

“My family… and Fara’s… they are willing to help too Minis,” Gannara said.  I stared at him… and at Kyriala as she… um… martialed my troops…I was so confused.  She looked a little like my mother as she did.  When did women get so strong? Um… But I recalled how she had been on our trek to the city.  In the dark she and Kaita and Ailadas had been the strongest in the dark.
I was so confused.  I could just blink and lie there and listen to them all around me.
“Oh, Gannara… Ili had me understand that you have a girlfriend.  I should love to meet her and introduce her to my friends.”
“Heh.  I’m certain Fara would love to get to know you Ky,” he said to her.  We have a lot of stories to exchange.  Did Minis mention when he fooled some thugs in Yeoli?”  Oh, Gods, heart’s brother I am so going to strangle you.
“Minis… you rest… as far as I understand you’ve been through a lot.  You need to recover and you need to sleep before you plan your next move.” 

Plan my next move?  How about my next breath?  Oh my Gods… they all want to help me.


  1. LOL there is nothing quite so fun as a young man who does not know quite how to deal with his emotions & constantly being blindsided by the warmth, love, & regard others have for him. Young & Lasting love in the halting "OMG! I am stupid" forms is so much fun.

    Well Written as always.

  2. Thank you! I'm having tons of fun with Minis and Ky! And Gannara and Fara....

  3. They are all so cute!

    But, I love Dyer-Ky best. Sorry Min. Ky rocks.

  4. Heh... Aren't you glad I made her interesting instead of making her a suicide?

  5. Oh no way!! That would have been waaay too tragic, glad Ky got a reprieve.

  6. EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ^.^ Unbearably CUTE!