Monday, December 20, 2010

Yule Calling On

Good people, pray heed my petition
your attention I beg and I crave
and if you are inclined to peruse this
and abundance of pastime we'll have!

I have come to relate many stories
of times that have not yet been said
and I trust they will drive out your worries
I welcome readers in my head!
My apologies to Steeleye Span and mummers and buskers everywhere!

It is once again the darkest time of the year in northern climes where we celebrate with lots of lights.  Happy Yule!  May the sun come back again!

A penny in the hat would be greatly appreciated and much welcomed!

Either way, penny or no penny, a blessing upon you and yours in the year to come.  May the days of rising light be full of prosperity and may you know abundance and good health to enjoy it!



  1. D'awww... will have pennies to scrounge soon!

  2. Thanks for the thought! Blessings on your head!