Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Comment Space for Hair Fighting Styles

This is the space for commentary on the Hair Fighting styles in Arko.

Personally I believe that some solas know about them, some do not.  The solas themselves do not have long enough hair, at least not till now, to actually fight.

At least one person has commented that prostitutes with false hair clips, wigs and implants might fight like this.  These would be street prostitutes, not Maskers.

Have fun!


  1. Well, normally I don't vote on canon matters, but consult with Shirley about them, but this one was fun. I voted "1 official for men and 1 secret for Aitzas" but I actually think there's one for sola women too, as I think their hair would be long enough (women generally are allowed longer cuts in each caste except Aitzas, where everyone's allowed to grow it as long as they want).

    Good point, anonymous person, who I suspect is Blue, re other hair-like weapons. I want to see a fight scene where someone apparently unarmed is attacked with a dagger, but turns out to be armed when she whips off her wig. That was a subtle hint, Shirley ;-)

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZiSyNicwPI

    says it all.