Monday, September 26, 2011

562 - WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!?!

Doob and Resh and Ashi crashed Ky’s party to break the news that Minis had been attacked, which broke up the gathering as quickly as if someone had vomited in the centre of the crowd.

“Ashi, you say he looked all right?  He wasn’t hurt?”

“No, Ky he looked fine… he looked shocked and kind of stone-faced but there were his guards killed all around him.”

“I’m going to the Marble Palace immediately,” Kyriala turned to find that the butler had sent for her skates all ready.

Jorasa spoke up from where she was tying her elaborate hairstyle into a single club down her back.  “You shouldn’t go unescorted, at least with more than a chaperone. You should have more security than just the Sereniteers in the city, if this is happening.”

Ky stared at her and Eforasa nodded as she lashed her sleeves to her forearms, tight.  The rest of her dress and Amitza’s as well were Riala’s designs and could be skated in.  All of the Mahid girls wore clothing that would not restrict their movements; not any longer.  More and more women in the city were wearing that most daring of fashion, the split-dress trouser, with all the women, across caste, having ties threaded through so the cloth could be tightened to the legs.


“We know, Kyriala,” Inensa said from her seat where she held Tesha in a barbarian child-sling.  “My son has not yet formally asked for your hand, but it seems both obvious and likely that he will, therefore you need protection.  I and the baby will follow on, directly.”  She rose.

Skala and Riala already had their skates on.  “We… and the Mahid girls… we can be your protection for now.”

This had all been said in the time it took for the servant to lace her skates for her.  She adjusted the left slightly, thanked the maid and rose.  “All right, thank you all.  Let’s go.”

I shall have to think of the implications of this all, later, she thought as she built her speed using every trick her brother Nuni and the faib girls had taught her, as well as her instructor.  Minis if you’ve gotten even a little hurt - or gotten hurt and are hiding it -- I’m just going to kill you.


Someone has attacked my son.  I am unable to protect him myself, since I am a nursing mother.  The girls… they might not be warriors but they are Mahid and if someone threatens Kyriala they will protect her as best they can.  Even if they die doing it.

My father… he does his function.  I… we… are so diminished.  I hope the Yeoli Imperator’s suggestion for the formation of the New Mahid, on the Yeoli model and the ancient one, goes through quickly.  

This kind of fear that I have, of family dying... of losing my son.   Her hands tightened protectively around her baby girl.  I never thought I would ever be allowed to have it.  I thought I might not need fear that in the New Arko.  But the old ways die hard.  The old ways.  The worst and the ugliest of the old ways hang on hard and cling to the skirts of the new as if those traditions were somehow being Rimmed.

The Liren servants had an express chair called up for her and Tesha, the baby’s one namesake, waited by it.  “First Woman of the Surviving Mahid,” she said quietly.  “If the possible Mirror of the Radiant Sun should be more protected, then so should you.”  She paused and then added, “Widowed Mother of the Spark of the Sun’s Ray Elect.”

Inensa shifted the baby as she started to complain, one hand patting her backside absently, as she looked at her friend.  “You are quite correct.”

“Then shall we go?” Tesha nodded toward the Palace.

“Thank you, Tesha.”

She did not answer, but the faint spirit of a smile flitted across her face as the chair, Inensa, and the baby were lifted by the carriers and the lead carrier blasted out his warning.



Are you all right?  The kids and I are all safe in my rooms but Gian and the guards are all saying we need to stay right here and not go running around but this isn’t running around this is something happening to my big brother WHAT IS GOING ON????

They say you’re all right but that someone tried to hurt you and your guards and there’s blood on the plaza I can see that, I wasn’t supposed to go look but when the gongs started going off and people started running around and the whistles and everything I ducked under Gian’s hand and me and the kids all ran out to the balcony and there’s enough blood to turn the stone pink and….

Big brother.  I formally re-quest that I be escorted to be with you and be assured personally that you are safe and all right.

Didn’t I write that nice?  Gian helped me and it’s very proper. I did it right.  SO LET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW SO YOU CAN TELL ME YOU’RE ALL RIGHT ALL BY YOURSELF, ALL RIGHT??????


Oh, sorry… Coronet Regal, Ilesias Tathanas Kurkas Joras Aan  and I don’t want to put my seal on it it’s a note to my brother, which is dumb anyway.


  1. Somehow these responses please me. I <3 this.

  2. I totally love each and every one of these responses. <3 :)) :D

  3. Ooooo thank you! Ili kind of insisted on writing the note. He really doesn't like being confined by security.