Wednesday, March 21, 2012

653 - A Flea in Mikas's Beard

I’m running... scuttling through a gigantic forest of golden trees growing thick enough that I cannot see through them very far.  A gigantic pink pillar bends the trees down and I run away but my way is blocked and the trees are bent down so I am caught and pressed under them and then pinched up between the gigantic squishy pink pillars.

I am raised out of the forest of gold and I can see this eye... it is as large as half the sky.  “You are really getting up my nose, boy,” a voice rumbles. 

I protest, “This time it wasn’t ME!” and there is enormous laughter.

“True.” But I am still flicked away, from a fingernail the size of a the edge of presentation square.  I was... I was a flea... in Mikas’s beard.  Mikas doesn't have a beard... oh, I didn't want to think where Mikas had thick hair...

I tumble and then I find out I have wings.  Where did wings come from?  I stretch what were my arms and soar through the new glass networks in the Marble Palace and float like dust in the sunlight streaming through the enormous windows.

“Playtime is over, boy.”

This voice is more stern than Mikas’s.  I look up and turn on my back and stretch my wings and say “No.”

I’m a water-lion turned into an air-dragon.  My wings zip and crackle and make sizzling noises as I dart through the air.

A massive jar comes down over me.  “Sometimes, Minis Kurkas Joras Amitzas Aan, spirits are annoying and... as My Husband says ‘A pain in the ass!’  Pay attention!  You’re flitting about as if there is nothing to worry about, nothing to assess.  Nothing to weigh!  You are zipping about the Temple as if there is not a care in the world!”

“Mother of Cutters.  Blood Goddess.”  I buzz and snap and howl the words somehow out of my insect mouth.  “I don’t understand what’s going on.”

An enormous sigh.  “Mortals.”  The glass jar raises and I am allowed to zip on.

A Hand snatches me out of the air but I melt into tears that pour out onto the floor in shame and fear and I am mopped up and wrung out.  “Stop that!”  I am a standing wave a thing of sound and suddenly I understand what my music master said when he admonished me to ‘be the music.’

I am a pure tone that rings through the air, through the Temple.  If I rise high enough I shall escape the confines of this place.  I shall rise to the real throne of the Ten.  Not this shallow and empty representation, this shadow of what is truth.  I echo back from the walls, from the ceiling, from the floor.  The door is blocked with disharmony... a shattering sound over and over again, that disrupts the wave that I am.
I cannot escape.  I cannot get out.  But how may a note, a song, a hymn be restrained?

There is a song that I am part of.  A glass harmony.  The inhaled breath of the Highest God.  I tumble and whirl and do not know up from down from sideways.  What was I doing?  Where am I?

There... is... a... reason... for me to... stay... myself.  The urge to spread myself onto the world like a spirit buttering of the earthsphere – I giggle at that image, it is so like Ili...






My mother... I ... don’t know her well enough.  My grandfather.  I would miss them.

What is happening?  I hurt... I’m not hurting... I hurt... 

Something is going on and my thoughts are being disrupted.  How?  Why?

I flit over and land on Virani-e’s shoulder.  “Chevenga.  Where am I?  What’s happening? My chest is on fire.”