Tuesday, August 5, 2014

689 (28) - The Appropriate Number

Minis stared down at Ilian Kallen, struggling to contain himself. All around Ilian’s seat Assemblypeople, obviously primed, raised their own gloves, gold clothes clenched in their fists.  Assemblyperson Nefanomas, who supported Adamas, hmmm all of them supported others during the campaign for Imperator… They certainly took their time forming into a group of like-minded dog-mother’s of the Ten.

The Assembly had erupted into shouting, everyone on their feet bellowing.  The Cudgel of the House was pounding the end of the mace on the floor trying to restore order.  The House Whip cracked it a dozen times before the tumult began to die down.  “Order! Order in the House!”

I have to address him specifically.  How on the earthsphere… For an instant his brain flailed around inside his skull, even as he slowly rose to his feet before the Crystal Throne.  He rose ponderously, against the weight of the Imperial robe, suddenly glad that everyday sitting didn’t require the majestic, and heavy, collar.  His action brought stillness to the chamber as people hushed to hear his answer.

“I hear the petition from the floor of the Assembly of Arko,” Minis said.  “The Ordeal Law was originally written for two reasons.  One is to call the Imperator to account for his own wrong-doing.  It is clear, from the Assemblyperson’s speech, that he calls the second part of the law to my attention.  If I might quote from Compartment 77, subsection 2A…

… Given the appeal of an appropriate number of petitioners, when the Fenjitzas or the Fenjitza receive no ruling from the Gods, the Imperator shall take it upon himself to present himself to the High God in an effort to appeal directly to the Ten for the people of Arko…”

“That was the new section, that I requested be added in, and passed through debate in this august Assembly.”  Ilian was standing with a smug look on his face.

“I hear the petition from the Assembly floor and most humbly ask you, my people, how many constitute an appropriate number of petitioners?  I pass this request onto the floor for debate and once I receive that number, from my people, I will proceed from there.”

You tried to trap me at the end of this session, so I would do the Ordeal at the height of summer, the most dangerous time for me to do it.  And everyone does not wish to begin this debate, just before their break. He kept his face still as Ilian's face congealed as what he'd said sank in.  He settled back onto the Crystal Throne.  "I yield the floor."

The Speaker rose and struck the bell.  “Will the Assemblypersons please be seated?”  He waited until all the gold waving clique settled back into their seats.  “The question on the floor is… ‘What is the appropriate number of petitioners in this case, to request that Imperator attempt the Ordeal, as a direct petition to the Ten Gods of Arko.”

Assemblyperson Joraras raised his comb to be seen.

“I acknowledge Mil Torii Joraras.”

“I move that this question be set to the beginning of the next sitting of Assembly.”

“I second!” That was Assemblyperson Failisa Ruren.

“The question of the appropriate number of petitioners to call the Imperator to Ordeal, in this situation, to be first on the agenda when this Assembly reconvenes, forty days from now.”

Minis held up his comb and the Speaker checked.  “I acknowledge Minis Aan.”

“One last statement, for the record.  I have the investigative force of the Marble Palace turned upon the problem and will not ignore this.  Perhaps one of the intelligent people already working on this dilemma will find a solution to our quandary before the Assembly returns.”

“For the record.” The Speaker looked around then tapped the bell once more. “This sitting of Assembly is adjourned.”


  1. "Minis stared down at Illian, struggling to contain himself."
    Illian -> Ilian

    "All around Ilian’s seat Assemblypeople, obviously primed, raised their own gloves"
    All around Ilian's seat, Assemblypeople, obviously

    I started out reading this post without rereading anything previously and was MOST CONFUSED that apparently Minis' own little brother had suddenly grown to adult age and was trying to get him killed. Heh.

  2. Fixed! Ilian Kallen is certainly not Illesias Aan! I should probably change his designation in the beginning.