Friday, May 22, 2015

128 - Be Still

The Mahid part of him was appalled at these foreigners… this foreign witch who took insane liberties with the images of the Ten, spoke to Their faces as if they were intimate friends!  Even as she grew younger before his eyes, in proof of Their favour, he frothed inwardly that she deserved punishment.

Be still, Mahid. Be calm. Rest assured that Our Dignity is undisturbed.

Almighty Fathers… she approaches You. She should approach the Goddesses!  How dare she?!

We are Who We Are. Mortal sexuality does not disturb us.  Come to the Divine image that is most attractive to you. If you come with open heart and open spirit We might answer.  We Have Been Here Since We fell from the stars and just as We made you, you create Us.  Every true prayer has weight and influence and We evolve.

Be at peace, little Mahid.  No punishment is necessary.  The okas part of you understands. You work to your limit, then stop.  Mahid was excessive in all things under 16th Kurkas. His spirit was damaged as his body was damaged. He would not see Us, hear Us, let Us heal him.  You broke open your spirit enough.  This is Our answer to your prayer.  We keep you whole and safe from Mahid wildness and fear.

Mahid… hear Us… you may rest. You may sleep.  You may listen.  If life requires it you may be needed again and you are Our reserve.  For now, you are ‘Taken Up’. You are priest. Be still, and pray. Learn peace. Put aside the razors of self destruction. Here there is no need for violence, either internal or external.

Do you understand?

I think I understand. It feels wrong and is frightening, but… I understand. I obey.

We are pleased.

Matthas, once Mahid, knelt before Oas, half-turned to see if the foreign witch… woman… Megan… needed his assistance, raised his hands to his head and joined his voice to that of the choir, singing “I Am Saved”and was soothed.

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