Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Epilogue Two

Dear Reknarja,

Please enclosed find a packet of seeds that have the cure for this ‘childless illness’.  The Haians tell me that since we can restore fertility in people it might be an idea to let it spread, considering the ‘limiting population’ clause in the Assembly of Nations agreement.  I will be sending a letter to Chevenga with this proposal in this same packet.

I am sending these arkanherb seeds out to all members of the Assembly and Haiu Menshir is already creating remedies from the mature trees which are currently being tended in the Temple so that people who do not like the effects of arkanherb needn’t get high to get cured.

Of course I am sending an official letter to your father the King so he can lift his quarantines.  Not to pry, but how is his health? I hope he continues robust and with all his faculties.

I was happy to hear that Jak and Peyyapallo have reconciled again.  Are they living in his palace in Tor Ench, or hers in Hyrene?

We would like to invite you and your wife to come visit for a time, now that Ky and Fara are safely delivered and it would be good to see the children playing together, though I’m certain that your princess will be quite bored with our little blobs that don’t do much yet. We’ll restrain Ili and Boras and Tesha, who is becoming quite the scrape-grace.

Ili is chafing at the long time it is taking for his domoctopus’s eggs to hatch, and he is teaching a new friend (from Berit in Haiu Menshir) to ride our Mahid blacks.  Next fall there will be a lovely crop of foals from the herd, according to the stable master and they are already picking names.  The Haian girl… Tirchaer… is allowing ‘Indomitable’ for her favourite mare’s foal because ‘Innie’ for short is a pretty name, she thinks.

In any case I will see you at the next meeting of Nations at the Tor.  We have to come up with some central meeting place rather than having everyone traipse around to the various capitols.  My Assembly is already fretting about how expensive the trip is going to be and I can’t imagine they will appreciate the incredible distance up to F’talezon, even by wing, which is one reason that everyone is voting for closer meeting places.

I’ll let you in on a few things, mostly because they will be announced in the Pages shortly.  The NA forces that set out to get rid of the Fehinnan slave chancres on the Dust Coast went extremely well and my fessas designers are talking to the Haians about making the built island hospital more permanent. I’ll have to tell you about how General Pasen survived the assassin’s attack right at the end of the whole engagement and he says he will retire again.

Among the slaves we freed, some thousands were Enchian and you will probably find them making their way home again soon.  The Srians – being the ones directing the operation – will no doubt have the full report to let everyone know…


  1. Beautiful wrap up and a perfect use for the illness and cure!

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking of one more little scene and a final Fig Post of some kind.