Friday, October 9, 2009

A Personal Note

Author's Note:

There is a huge weight off my mind! My one dog, Rio, who has been missing since Tuesday, just showed up at my door.

He went missing twenty klicks away and still found his way home. Check out my personal blog for more rantings about the !@#$%!@$#% dog...

I love him dearly. I just want to kick his doggy butt!


  1. Oh, that's great!! I have a very sweet but very moronic dog too, so you have my sympathies. If they weren't so gosh-darn cute....

  2. Yeah. I have one more dog than I need. Rio's smarter than Hoover but not as smart as Congo... she's the Rottie/Shepherd cross...

    Karen says that my next five dogs need to be named Dirt, Devil, Dust, Dyson, and Buster if I continue the vacuum theme.

  3. You forgot my actual favourites: Phantom and Fury.

  4. Don't forget Kirby.... (if you have those up there)