Sunday, January 17, 2010

After Chats

The character chat began before two, since capriox was there earlier, and mouthy Minis couldn't help himself.

It was a sparse crowd -- capriox, Blue and an uncertain number of other people who lurked -- but it continued for almost three hours, which was a lot longer than we expected. Thank you to all present.

Ienas Aratinas, affable proprietor of the Puckered Fig, and efficient staff, waited upon characters and guests alike. Minis was down on himself, but that's not terribly surprising for a fifteen year old in his weird circumstances. Sometime around 2:30, Chevenga happened to show up, planning to dine and imbibe at the Fig incognito, and was drawn into the conversation.

Topics ranged from the sack to camping to whether what was recounted in the last post of Eclipse Court actually happened to whether Kyriala likes Minis--cap, Blue and especially Chevenga talked quite a while with Minis about this. Chevenga urged Minis to take the Yeoli approach of chiravesa. Minis's conclusion: she does like him.

It might take another character chat, with Kyriala herself, to find out if it's true -- if she deems it sufficiently proper to reveal such personal matters. A respectably raised
Aitzas girl will often not talk of such private things.

There was even flirting! Is Blue in love with Chevenga? She says she may be.

Apparently a good time was had by all. If you want to read it, you can go onto the
chat page, sign up onto chatroll through there, click on "The Puckered Fig" and then "Archive."

We certainly welcome... to quote Karen.. "any and all thoughts, comments, ideas, wisecracks, beefs, etc., from those who were and were not there -- please comment below. Let us know if you had problems getting on or didn't like something about the chat system (especially if you know of a better one). Certainly more people voted on the poll than attended, and one thought we have is setting character chats at different times so as to serve different time-zones. We chose early/mid-afternoon so as to accommodate readers both in Europe, where it would be evening, and out west, where it would be morning, but that doesn't work for fans in the far east. So we are cogitating upon that. Perhaps the next character chat will be a more long, drawn out and intermittent thing.

Our next plan is to do a solo Chevenga chat (though again, you never know who else might show up) or actually two of them -- one where he's at the point in his life where he is in PA, the other where he is in ak, since capriox pointed out that one would want to ask him two very different sets of questions... and in fact, he is a very different person in those two places. We'll let you know dates and times."


  1. The time worked fine for me, and I'm glad other folks showed up after I had to leave!

    I'm a bit embarrassed that both you & Karen mentioned me being there early! I was online doing other stuff, so I went ahead & pulled the chat in another window so I'd remember to check it. But then y'all were already there... *shrugs*

  2. Oh, please don't be embarrassed, I'm so thankful you were there! I was afraid I was going to throw a party and have no one arrive! Phew.

  3. Blue sez-
    It was lovely and giddy fun for me to get to talk to my favorite charcters though I felt a little bad that I've just found all this and am only partly caught up on Minis and barely touched Chevenga's stuff. But I love it, love what you're doing with this format and been encouraging others to read.