Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Take the author for coffee

Last month someone threw a couple of bucks in the hat through my donate button and that is covering my long distance this month.

This has inspired me to start a program of ‘take the author for coffee’. At the moment I have few enough fans that I can promise you that if you throw the cost of coffee and a donut (how Canadian), and have either Skype or an IM video program you like, we can sit down for half an hour for coffee and a chat. You can get to know me, up here in the wilds of Northern Ontario and I will feel good that I can still have coffee with friends!

Of course if you feel you’d like to take me to breakfast, lunch or dinner let me know and I can certainly come up with a couple of hours, though you might not want to watch me eat (Mongo likes food. Food is better if not squirming.).

I will do my best to continue this practice until such time as I have no more time to spare at all and I will let people know well in advance when I will have to make my time more expensive!

You can help me keep doing this for the price of a cup of coffee every month, so have one less latte and come talk to me instead!


  1. What a nice way to raise money!

  2. Thank you! I prefer to offer my time!

  3. Haha, that's awesome. =)

    Money, money, money...everyone needs it, nobody has it... *whine of anxiety*

  4. Yeah... all I need is a million readers willing to give me a dollar a year...

  5. "Yeah... all I need is a million readers willing to give me a dollar a year..."

    Or a thousand willing to give you a hundred, or four thousand willing to give you $25, either of which would be more achievable. Remember that blogging is a long tail approach; it takes about a year to build up an audience. After that you can start counting.

  6. Yes. Right now we're counting down to March where we will have been up for a full year.

  7. Are you still doing this?

    You see, I have this thing I do. If I did it more often you could call it a hobby.

    One of my life goals is to buy every author, entertainer, or creative person who's changed my life a drink. Their choice.

    Mercedes Lackey ordered some frou-frou organic tea and added a packet of what I assume was free-trade raw sugar out of her own purse. Penn Gilette asked the 'tender for "the usual," which came in an opaque glass, was presented with some ceremony, and which I expect was in fact tap water. AE had a Zombie, which was appropriate considering she was facing down a creepy green shambling guy.

    So the precedent is well set for me to "buy you coffee." When I get paid in a couple weeks (by which time I ought to have caught up), I would be happy to do this for you.

  8. Wonderful! I look forward to this.