Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hey Guys...

A quick question...

Should I quit?

I have been beating my head against this question for almost a year.

If I cannot do this well enough I should stop trying.  So... am I doing this well enough?  Once I finish the Eclipse Court and other series I'm committed to... should I keep trying?

Just a quick poll.



  1. >Once I finish the Eclipse Court and other series I'm committed to... should I keep trying?


  2. Oops... there are three questions, not two.

    >So... am I doing this well enough?


  3. No, yes and yes

    Ann O

  4. You are the best web serial writer I know, and definitely good enough!
    Should you keep doing it? Speaking as a reader: yes please, keep going for years and years and years!
    Speaking as someone who have followed your texts so long that it almost feels I know you... I'm not sure this media is good enough for you. Do you get the feedback you need? Do you earn enough? If you've been beating your head against this question for almost a year I guess you owe it to yourself not just to soldier on but also explore other options... Should you spend a year editing Eclipse court down to a nice thick novel and send it off to a publishing house? Should you use your strong writing skills to coach other writers?

    Whatever option you choose in the end, remember that you are an excellent story-teller and writer.

  5. Thank you! Eclipse Court should be three thick books as far as I'm concerned... but... I'm biased.

    and no I'm not making a living yet... The key word is 'yet'.

    Thanks again for the feedback... I had to ask.

  6. I admit I don't post, but I really enjoy reading this story and enjoy having this serial in my evening reading routine.

    Don't quit. Keep going, please. D:

    On a more personal note, I'm really impressed by the way you write about Minis' struggle with religion and have found myself relating to him at some points. It's hard to describe, but you've addressed a lot of moral/ethical/religious issues without being overbearing or unrealistic, and I like that your story isn't all fluff and shallow action.

  7. Ok, thanks for posting when you don't normally. Your vodai is taken! You guys have reassured me that other people find the story interesting...

    Thank you... the religious/sacred angle is interesting to me because many religions started out well and went sideways along the way. I try not to be bombastic.

    I will keep going... I swear...

  8. Dear Goddess No!!! Do not quit. You are an excellent writer. I have been loving every moment of this story and now that I am caught up with it. I will be starting in on your other works.

  9. Thank you!

    I will keep going. I should put up some of the horror and transformation short stories I suppose.

  10. Never ever ever quit or I will have to come over there and beat you with my stick! You are one of the best authors I have ever read! (and I read a lot)

    and w0000000000t horror stories are a Yes Please Ma'am May I have another?

  11. While I realize that you don't really owe us anything -- after all you provide a rich world for us to visit -- and many of us can't afford to donate to keep it happening, I still hope that you find the work engaging enough, satisfying enough for you to continue.

    Your work is always interesting, sometimes heart wrenching, and I care about the characters you create. I wish you could spend all your time writing so I would have more to read -- I know that is selfish:)

    I am still rooting for Minis and Kyriala. They would be so good together.

  12. Ok... I'm rooting for them too!

  13. Please do not stop writing!!
    Even if this medium turns out to be too unprofitable for you, you still have a gift I feel needs to be shared with the world. If it will only be available in dead-tree form, I would definitely hold my breath till they are published and go buy them at the first opportunity.
    Your characters, their philosophy and their agonising dilemmas have been with me for over a year now and it seems like you still have so much to add...
    So, please be assured that your storytelling is greatly appreciated.
    And yes, any other stories you have to offer will be as welcome as this one if not more.

  14. Please don't stop, this is something I look forward to every day. I don't always comment but I am always reading. I have loved your work for nearly all of my adult life and it is thrilling almost beyond telling to have this much access to you and your writing through the net.
    Watching Minis grow up has been an incredible journey, one that I sort of don't want to end though I suppose it must at some point (though you shouldn't feel like you have to push on past the point just to please your slavering fans or course) there is still so much that needs to be covered... or at least that I hope will get covered.