Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reader Challenge

Minis and the Arkan Elite and Darya semanakraseye are about to try and round up the last of the loose Mahid, including 2nd Amitas and Inensa.

So... here's the deal...

How many ways can you guys come up with to mess up this raid?

Cap has already tweeted me to let me know there should be innocent villagers being held hostage perhaps, with the Mahid.  (I'm still working on fixing the comments, Cap... thanks...)

So I'm looking for ideas for Mahid mayhem, please and thank you!  Please comment below...


  1. Hmm.

    The rendezvous point is at a public eatery, if I recall correctly?

    Accede Min's drink.

  2. The question is, do I limit it to Mahid mayhem or include general mayhem?

    Mahid Mayhem -
    By now they all slither away with all the speed of snakes - always prepared to run, most likely in every direction when disturbed, so they will be nigh impossible to corral - esp the women and remaining youth.
    Random lashing out when attacked - darting bystanders, causing heart attacks, etc.
    Horrific acts of torture - well it IS a Mahid specialty - they might take time for a little dark work at ANY time.

    General mayhem -

    Well how COULD you hold back from a storm as good as the one Min used to escape, burning barns, rhinopneumonitis in the horses, mudslides, fog so thick only weapon-sense can 'see' through it, or maybe an airburst meteorite strike?

  3. Some hard choices maybe? Save wounded comrades or run after the Mahid?

    Something that forces Inensa to choose - loyal with her husband and way of life, or with her son?

    I guess dramaturgically it is good if Min loses the first round, maybe even is captured by the Mahid.

  4. My vote for best suggestion, or, more exactly, suggestion with the most potential for total fun, is Acceding Minis's drink. Doesn't even have to be a drink... it could be via dart or contact, as Ikal did to Chevenga in the Palace of Kraj when he was there trying to talk Astalaz into allying with him.

    Chevenga's had it done to him how many times? And Minis, not at all, IIRR? It's only fair.

  5. I was thinking about contact-Acceding, but Min wears gloves and clothes, so it'd have to be something that touched his face.

    Like a drinking glass.

    And why waste the pore-dilator if you can just put it in his bloody drink?

  6. Perhaps one of the Mahid is especially skilled in unarmed combat (appears 'helpless' but is far from it, a surprise). Maybe they've learned more practical weapon-play from being out and among people (even insular as they now are). OR maybe they have some sort of combat-drug to enhance speed, strength, insensitivity to pain, etc. There's a group of islanders that OD on ground up kava kava root to induce the same state.

  7. I suggested the contact stuff because I am not sure the rendezvous point is in a public eatery. I might recalling wrong. Besides that contact stuff isn't actually expensive.