Wednesday, July 6, 2011

518 - Was This a Plot?

The Yeolis were all upset about Chevenga not having told them about his fore-knowledge. The fore-knowledge that he was currently fighting to change, with Surya.  They were going to fikken kaina going to shennen flog him to kaina marugh meniren falling for it?

I had to re-read the whole set of stories.  The Yeoli scribblers were, thankfully appalled.  Where they crazy?  Were they taking notes from the Arkan assembly?  Was it a master plot to remove both of us from our seats?  To enrage Kallijas enough to have him make a mistake?  Get rid of all three of us?  I wasn’t going to do anything about this, except calm Kallijas down if I had to.  But we should set Irefas on this.  The timing on these attacks on us were too coincidental.

Even if the Jitz nonsense was merely nonsense, this awful punishment of Chevenga for a decision he made when he was a child… could damage him.  It was worth checking for deeper plotting.  I knew Chevenga.  He’d just say that they were right to do as they wished.  Semanakra.

I was shaking with it.  This is what it meant to be ruled by the mob.  What they wanted.  I would submit to.  Oh Gods, give me strength to submit to such things if necessary.  I drained the dregs of my cold kaf  and went out to see if Kallijas was off the Crystal Throne yet, taking the Pages with me.  Knowing him he would be entirely calm about it.  Perhaps he and I could talk about the submission to the electorate.


To: Intharas Terren fessas
High Editor, The Pages
Aras 19, 50 YPA

Dear Ser Terren:

We the Undersigned, being the copious membership of the Genuine Association of True First Muunas Birthlings, would like it generally known that we thoroughly disassociate ourselves with the so-called True First Muunas Birthlings Chapter of the self-styled August Association of Jitzmitthran-Born Citizens of Arko.

We are of course sympathetic to the concerns of said Association, due to long-standing stigmata against people born during the grand and raucous festival. And of course we feel keenly our own plight as Arkan citizens in good standing whose birthdates are frequently and denigratingly doubted.

However we wish to emphasize that the aforementioned Chapter is merely a splinter group of our own association, formed due to an unpleasant rift in the leadership caused by certain execrable behaviour on the part of particular individuals whom in good decorum we will not name.

Their choosing to associate themselves with false Muunas 1 birthlings, namely the Jitzmitthra-born with their off-colour, irreverent, over-indulgent and odd ways, should be a fair indication to any right-thinking person of their true character. We are not surprised that they champion the cause of the young and flighty-minded son of Kurkas—woe betide the Empire!—since he is one of them.


Dafidas Anas Illan, Aitzas, born Muunas 1, 95th-to-last Y.P.A.,

And the Undersigned, all born Muunas 1 in various years of the Present Age, numbering 175.

Again, copious thanks to Karen for the letter to the editor by Dafidas Illan!

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