Monday, January 9, 2012

609 - I Had So Much Planning to Do!

Dear Virana-e,

I hope you made it home in a timely fashion after your last visit.  I noticed the couriers were reporting nasty, non-flying weather around the time you left.  It seems to me that the high winds are very closely linked to the sailing winds and that in the fall and winter things get very wild.

I am enclosing the OFFICIAL-- I put all the curliques and flourishes on the word that I could make fit -- designed and embossed and gilt and beribboned wedding invitation.  I’m glad I don’t have to trot out my ‘Jitzmitthra’ explanation for why it is for the last day of Anae for a ceremony on the first of Muunas.  I’m inviting so many foreigners, personally, that I’m getting a cramp, and it would not do to send a printed explanation to Reknarja and Jaliala, or Jakanarja and Kelaepo.

Your eyes do not deceive you.  Kyriala persuaded her personal friend, Banaksias, to change mediums and work in something a bit more preservable.  Of course no one knows who the elusive artist is, but her work is very visible.  Oh yes.  Well, though I don’t know who Banaksias is, I do know she’s a ‘her’.

The design upon the invitation is entirely hers and even if it is very tastefully done in silver on white on the outside, the riot of colour when you open it to see every one of our silly animals is Banaksias to the bone I think.

Skorsas thought it was both appropriate and a bit vulgar but he’s surely counting on us to be very decorus on Muunas first when we walk down the aisle and step through the wedding Gate together.  Will you have time to come and stand up with me on the true day I get married? And on Muunas the First?  Kallijas has already said he would.  We’re going to set up for transfer of power to officially take place on Muunas 1, though if I mess up my Ten Tens he says he’d be prepared to step in again.

Ili is the perfect choice for my Bemas in Jitz though Gannara is officially in that post.  I am shuddering in anticipation for what the two of them will come up with for my groom’s parties before, since it will all be turned on its head.  And will never have happened of course.

Your Friend,


Gannara says I’ve got a lot of work to do.  If I’m gonna have to make sure I run everything past Skorsas before I start organizing stuff.  And Gannara is going to do all the second and third thresholder stuff that I don’t understand yet.

I’m going to get Fish and Cream up here to talk to me.  They’re really cool boys.  And I suppose I should get Ashi in too even though she’s a scary girl.  Oh, and Resh too.  I have their names at the top of my list.

1: Talk to Dyer friends. Minis’s friends.

“Ailadas?  Gian?”

“Yes, Ilesias?”  “Ahem, yes?”

2: -- I put my pen down.

“I need to start making bemas lists for Minis’s wedding... all the stuff I’m supposed to arrange.  I’ve got one.  Talk to the Dyers about Minis’s parties.  They’re going to be before Jitzmitthra so they have to be right, not upside down.”

“Ahem.  Well, perhaps we should consult with several of your brother’s favourite restaurant proprietors?”

“That would be the Fig, and Felirasas’ Glory,” I said.

“He also likes the Most Elegant Grill,” Gian said.  “And The Greasy Barbarian.”

“Ew, he likes THAT place?”

“Ahem.  It is known for its perfectly cooked beef Imperial loins.”

“Well maybe we should take Minis to all of them!”  Ailadas looked up from his book and looked over his spectacles. “It’s a good idea.  It’ll take all night long.  That will keep him up.”

Gian started laughing.  “Ili, I think you’re right.”

He pulled up a chair and he and Ailadas came and sat down on either side of me, pulling caps off their pens.  “Well, where do you think we should start and where should we finish?  If you want to do this, Ili we need to get the Guard Captain in here since security is a problem right now.  And the Minister of Serenity.”

“Oh. Yeah.  It’s not so easy, is it?”  I was pretty disappointed, after all it was a good idea, and Minis would have liked it.  I had so much planning to do, since I was going to give him another weird animal for his birthday and if it was going to be strange and exotic enough I had to start people looking for it now.
“Let’s suggest it and see if we can still do it.  All you need is more information, Ili.”

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