Friday, January 13, 2012

612 - Correspondence

Dear Minis:

We made it home timely enough.  Yes, the sky is more chaotic in the changing seasons, but the more experience you get, the easier it is to deal with.

See the enclosed Official Reply which you thoughtfully provided, filled out by myself on behalf of your invitees.  [It was an official invitation to the whole family basically and they were all going to be attending, and would be arriving on Anae 35, winds allowing.]  I would be honoured to stand up for you, of course.  Work of Banaksias on a wedding invitation, I never thought I’d see.  Her idiom… it is so sharply and all-encompassingly irreverent, and yet utterly Arkan at the same time.  Please ask Kyriala to pass on to her that I have always admired her work, even the waggish depictions of me.

I doubt you will mess up your Ten Tens.

Warmest wishes-in-advance for a long and beautiful marriage,



[Official Entourage size: One hundred and eight attending the Lady Klaimera, eight musicians, sixteen dancers, and four mamokal, plus their grooms and mahu.]

Dear Minis,

I shall be most pleased to attend your wedding, in my brother the King’s place.  He sends his regrets and encloses a letter.  I believe he wishes to arrange a somewhat quieter first State visit to Arko from Laka.

We also thought it would be more appropriate that I come, since you and I have also some personal acquaintance.

You mentioned that Sukala was invited so if she attends I look forward to seeing her again as well.  [I had offered to send flyers to fetch Sukala, should she wish to come down off her mountain.  I had to stop suddenly and think of all the priestly types who might witness my wedding, not sure if I entirely felt safe with the idea. I shook my head to myself and went back to the letter.]

I look forward to seeing you and Kyriala again and am very intriqued with the idea of seeing a ‘Jitzmitthra’ first hand since all the Divine rites and Ones are of interest to me.  The idea of pretending that some days just never happened seems like a very handy way of keeping the year-count steady.  I suspect that my entourage will fit right into the general atmosphere, from my reading about the festival.

Until your Anae 30, sea travel permitting, I shall see you then.

With Blessings from the Hundred Gods and Parshahask specifically,

I sign this letter, Klaimera, High Priestess of Laka


Dear Minis,

The lot of us should be arriving around Anae 30 if all goes well.  My chamberlain Trajarnak, shall be contacting Skorsas about all the official things.

I’m sure you’re too busy to scratch right now, my father will be sending along a wedding gift in lieu of his not attending.  I guess he figures I and the wife are enough representation from the Tor.
I’m looking forward to seeing you and I’ll bring some of the horse-line back to Arko with us.  They’re a pretty lot, as I said, with a lovely action.  You’ll see.



Dear Minis,

Yes I’ll come to your wedding.  Send your flyers.  I’ve found someone to tend my goats while I’m gone.  I’ve written to my darling Scourge [what Sukala called Kallijas] and will see you soon.



Dear Minis,

I will be pleased to come to your wedding, and am looking forward to meeting your current healer.

Thank you for the invitation, it was very fancy.

In heartfelt healing,



Now I have TWO reader challenges!

First of all Ili is looking for a weirdass gengineered animal for Minis's birthday.  The last time this happened, Toast dreamed up the absolutely fabulous domestic octopus!  Please send along your feathered, furred, scaled or chitinous creations!

The second challenge is for writers for the Pages and other broadsheets, criticizing the 'Camelot' Minis and Kyriala are presenting to the citizens of Arko.  Muck, people!  I want Faux News quality MUCK!  Oh and better than Faux News.

Even better than CNN, I want the best yellow journalism you can dredge!


  1. "Facts! I want fa--innuendo! I want innuendo!" (Hat tip to Berk Breathed)

  2. I'm staying out of this one. I've had my chance to shine, now it's you guys' turn.

  3. Criticizing the what? Camelot? The ideal vision or something? Or the four-way marriage? @_@

    Ili could get... Ahem.

    Why welcome to my exotic petshop, most shining particle of sunbeam! The blazing bright one has come to the right place for the most rare and precious of creatures! May this your most disgusting monkey-servant interest you in this lovely Xoloti, the Servant of Muunas Fish, touched by Muunas' bow! They were not discovered until the last Age! (a descendent of one of those axolotols things, like, with huge, multi-colored fan-like gills sprouting off his sides and back)

    Or to find the colors of the sky-bow, maybe this miniature Tooquahnis bird! The beak and feathers rival any jewel collection! (a irridescent mini-toucan? Which means it would eat little eggs and fruit maybe? Hehe, little eggs remind me of lizard eggs... but if it ate lizard eggs the tail would get in the way, and I don't like to think about eating actual eggs anyway.)

    Or one of those Haian giant buzzingbirds? We lowly ones have a golden line perfect for the most illustrious inhabitants of the marble palace! It drinks both nectar and the juices of fermented fruit, hehe!

    (I like birds.)

    Ah, yes, the most honored little luminosity has found the miniature creatures just discovered in the most faraway of plains! They only eat the highest leaves of the stunted "Boaba-Boba" trees. They are calling them "Stretched Yellow Deer," for now, but they are too strangely graceful to keep such a name... The creatures have the most interesting brown hoops and speckles, wouldn't the most precious, fiery fragment agree?

  4. Oh... wonderful GV! birds indeed! I'll have to include your petshop owner in the book, with your permission, but I think you'll like my ultimate solution.