Tuesday, December 16, 2014

693 (32) - Put Them Down, Minis Aan!

Farasha stopped in the doorway, in the act of turning, staring at Sukala, as Kyriala put an arm around her shoulders.  “You mean just me? Sukala? You said both of us.”

“Of course I mean both of you.” Sukala grinned at them.  “Let me guess, you didn’t know yet!”

The papers in Minis’s hands fluttered in the air as he flung them straight up, swooped to catch up Ky and Fara both in a hug.  They both squealed a little then Ky gasped. “Put us down, silly!”

Minis carefully set his wife and their lover on their feet, but didn’t let go.  “Oh, oh... It’s only a few more days till we can announce!”

“Hopefully that will stop those protestors in the square,” Inensa said, dryly.  “With their endless cries of ‘mercy’ ‘have mercy on us Imperator.’”

“Trust a Mahid to be bothered by cries for mercy,” Sukala said over the rim of her cup.

“Trust a Yeoli to point it out,” Inensa tipped the rim of her cup right back at her.  “You are indeed sharper in person, than in letters, Sukala.”

She began to laugh. “Like good nakiti, my friend.”

“I can see we shall get along famously.” Inensa turned back to the youngsters.  “My son, perhaps you should stop shamelessly kissing your wife and your concubine and go let Gannara know he’s going to be a father as well?”

Both Kyriala and Farasha laughed at the brightness of his blush.  “Oh, yes... he's down with Tanifas... Oh, oops, the courier page!”

Thankfully only the outer page had landed in the fountain and the letter from Tor Ench spared the soaking. “I’ll be right back with Gan!” He ran, smiling, his sleeves flapping over the Imperial whites.

Kyriala looked around and sighed.  “No secrets around here.  The servants have heard.”

“So...announce!” Sukala said brightly. “Give everyone some good news.”

And hopefully stop these fearful people from trying to force my son into Ordeal, Inensa thought.

“Are you certain?” Farasha asked Sukala.  “I would only be days pregnant.” She held up the bead belt that Ky had given her.

Sukala plucked another orange from the tree.  “These are so good!  As sure as I’m a grandmother and a great-grandmother a handful of times over!”

Farasha sat down and picked another orange for herself.  “I was a little sick this morning but didn’t think anything of it, but now I’m ravenous, and I just had a meal.”

“Felicitations,” Inensa added her voice. “That’s how it manifested in me.”

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