Thursday, December 18, 2014

695 (34) - To the Marble Commode!

- from Intharas Teren’s Notebook

Having seen the last edition of the Pages to bed and having sorted through the initial pile of shen that is the start of the next, it was close to the end of a very long day.  The wel­l functioning machine that was the Pages was humming right along, giving me the rare leisure to lean back in my chair and cogitate on a tricky bit of editing. With my eyes closed.

I could tell it was Cream by the odd click he has in his offside skate.  He should have that looked at.  He makes enough chains skating for He Whose Sun Shines Out His Bum.

“I’m not asleep.”

“Di’n’t say you were, Boss.”  Insolent pup. He’s no employee of mine, so I can’t fire him.

“You’re fired.”

“Thanks, Boss.” He leans against my desk. “I’m tah wait f’r an answer.”

“Something important?”

“Not really... Himself didn’t even seal it.”  So he’s read it.

Intharas if you could attend on us at the MP, we’ve got some news for you. At your convenience. Let Cream know.

My nose started itching. Too damned casual. Something was going on and that jack-assed, smart-mouthed young twerp was trying to pull my last chain.  “I’ll come up right away.”  Could I ride him pick-a-back? No, I’d have to settle for being on his heels in an express chair. Ten Gods.  WE’ve got some news for you.  He never used the Imperial mode, for casual notes, written in regular black ink.  I scratched my nose and got up, grabbing my pen and notebook, even as Cream bounced down the stairs, face and hair jewelry chiming.

“Hurmilas!” I bayed. “Keep the office hot, I’m up to the Marble Commode!”

“Sure boss, want any ‘prentice...”

“No!  And stay out of my booze stash!”

“You have a booze stash?”

I’d bet my gold tooth that it’s the announcement we’ve all been waiting for.  I’d be a fool if he managed to ‘out-casual’ me, and Papa Teren didn’t raise any fools.

“Hayel’s little red-hot doorknobs, I’m gone.”

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