Tuesday, January 20, 2015

51 (712) He's Stopped Cutting Himself

Square Transformed for Challenge Games

--Pages of Arko, 46 Year P.A.

The Presentation square in Arko has been re-made into a tremendous obstacle course, for the Challenge Games.  The preliminary rounds, Empire wide, have brought us five hundred people, for a hundred available places as the New Imperial Bodyguard, under Captain Firnean’s command.

This reporter spoke to the Ministry of Celebratory Bounty who designed and built the elaborate maze.

“We’re very proud of this. Our candidates for Imperial Bodyguards will find it very challenging,” Dornamas Lammen, Aitzas Minister said.  “There are four separate routes through and they can be run in either direction, for the single individual races.  We will be able to change things for the group competitions.”  He looked very proud, showing me the model of the Challenge runs.  “We anticipated that we might need these more than once and so built them solidly and for repeated use.”

“I understand you consulted extensively with the Mahid on the design, is that so, Minister?”

“I had my people speak with the First of the Mahid and the Dowager Imperatrix as well, yes.”

“How much of this design is based on their suggestions?”

“About thirty percent. Their most significant contribution was in the design of hidden traps and ambush spots.”

“Of course.”

“There is one route through the course that can be done entirely on faib skates but it is necessary to be devious doing so.” He patted the edge of the model proprietarily.  “We’ll give them a run for their chains.”

Feliras’s Glory and the University roofs are already sold-out, standing room only for these final challenges, the upper windows at the University are likewise bespoken.  A temporary viewing stand has been set up on the Boardwalk side of the Square.

The candidates have been being tested all along, for intelligence, strength, dexterity, various skill sets, such as chivalry, marksmanship with dart and bow, sword staff and sling work. The essays on ethics of the five hundred are now available for perusal at the University Library, Winged Word Lane Branch.

We look forward to the competitions all through the month of the Lamp.

Sereniteers Summoned 4th Time!
Beer Brawl on Finnpolendias at the Fair

A brawl erupted on the plains at the fair site that has spontaneously sprung up around the Challenge encampment. 

The cause of the brawl was a particular beer wagon where the vendor was accused of diluting his product, words were exchanged. Then flung beer and fisticuffs were traded as the closest City guard sounded the call for Sereniteers from the lift. 

In the meantime the wagon was boarded and beer kegs cut loose, rolling over the end of the wagon.  Two cracked as they hit the road, yet were intact enough to continue their roll, joined by a third apparently undamaged keg.  A number of fair goers were forced to fling themselves bodily out of their lumbering path.  Three beer kegs were caught and destroyed in the process, one nearly attaining the Rim in its headlong course.

Beer wagon owner Donnas Karias, fessas, and ten other men (names to follow), mostly fessas and okas have been detained and are facing charges of public brawling, public endangerment, unruly drunkenness, vandalism, one count of animal cruelty, and one count of public licentiousness.

None of the participants in the Challenge were involved.

First Rejin Garrison has been bespoke from Fispur, to assist the Sereniteer’s Fair Division of the City, in keeping order.


“How’s he doing, Atzathratzas?” I rub my eyes.

“Fenjitzas, he’s doing all right.  He’s listening when I say he should eat and drink and rest.  He looked at me oddly yesterday and said “My spreading my blood on things is bothering some people, isn’t it?  I said yes so he’s stopped cutting himself.”

“That’s good, then.”

“But now he’s going around licking things.”

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