Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last Two Days

Happy New Year!  As you can see there was no post yesterday and there will not be one today.

I am, as a New Year's present, be starting another comment contest.  Twenty good comments will get you a passing mention in the text. Fifty comments (of more worth than 'ooh' 'ooh' or merely clicking on the buttons!) shall get you a spear-carrier character in Arko. (If you are into role-playing, we'll see if your character interacts well.) A hundred comments and I will write a short story about your character.)

I have to have Ili deal with an aging Jiaklem.  Domoctopus's live quite a bit longer than wild ones but he's very old. Breeding would kill him.



  1. Ooh ooh ooh!!!!! (How many "ooh"'s do there have to be for it to be "worthy"? Do the extra exclamation points count? I think every four exclamation points should be worth one "ooh". ) :)

    1. I respond to your comment with total Aitzas down the nose SNARK!