Wednesday, February 9, 2011

434 - The Society Pages Report

Our intrepid reporter, braving the dangers of a knife-wielding Hyerne chef at the Diamond on the Earthsphere soiree last evening, was on hand to witness the Imperial entrance.
Once Shefenkas had graciously allowed all in earshot to rise, and given his usual blanket permission for the gehit to be taken as given from then on, decended the staircase with the Imperatrix gracing his arm.
He wore the Imperial white and gold, the smoothly fitted, tight sleeved satin shirt over skin-tight white trousers and gilded leather soft boots, showing that He had just come from the Highest Office.  His only concession to the casual nature of His visit was the top two gold buttons at His neck undone, letting the smallest few strands of chest hair exposed.  His creamy coloured scarf-snake coiled loosely about His neck, raising her head now and again to rest upon one ear or the other. Or coiled up into the feather headpiece.
Otherwise, He sported the elegantly disheveled curls with gold-hued Imperial Coronet Bird feathers cascading down over one shoulder, an interesting meld of the Yeoli ideal of not wearing metal, the Niah ideal of wearing feathers and the Arkan ideal of seeing as much gold upon the Son of the Sun as possible.
The Imperatrix sported a gown that even the most conservative could not fault, even as it flouted convention with every move. The inner gown was apparently gold gauze while the outer gown, a form-hugging cascade of flowing gold ribbons, and feathers that moved and gaped tantalizingly, never exposing more than a glimpse of the gauze beneath, even when her elegant sleeves moved with the force of her motion. Her fan was a fantasy of blue, green and red Niah bird feathers, picked out in gold, with blue, green and red ribbons.  Her sleeve pet was a tiny golden kitten.
Matching her husband’s headpiece, she wore a similar cascade of gold feathers, though smaller, lighter and softly fluttering rather than the stiff, impressive flight feathers adorning her Husband’s head.
The Imperial couple… as their wont… held hands.
When asked if their appearance at the Liren manor for the campaign party of Aan/Itrean, at this most political of gatherings, might open Him to accusations of interfering in the campaign process, He answered, 'I was promised this fete would be very pleasurable and it is for that reason I am attending.'
Kallijas Itrean, Aitzas, alesinas Imperium, who, once he had done his duty by greeting the Imperial couple, was dashing in his red and silver presentation robe, his familial crest of cranes in flight woven into a subtle silver on silver pattern glittering across it.  He yielded his position as alesinas, upon the Imperator’s other arm, to Skorsas Trinisas, Aitzas, alesinas Imperium, who wore a sumptuous beribboned tunic that  complemented the white and gold perfectly, his kilt was flowing silk and an elegant stiffened panel slashed with gold.  A simple gold filigree adorned his head, holding his magnificent mane in place and his presentation comb was gold-shot crystal.
Animal Disaster Closes Candidate's Party
The political fete at the Flying Horse Manor was in full swing and apparently very popular when an unfortunate occurrence forced the closure of the gathering.
A person or persons unknown apparently released a number of Ser Kazien’s livestock into the main manor house, where their presence sent party goers fleeing for the high ground of staircases, furniture and decorative wall mouldings.
Though not dangerous, the horses were apparently confused and disoriented by their unusual surroundings and sought out their master for apparent reassurance. Unfortunately eight large stallions seeking reassurance forced Ser Kazien to the safety of his mantel-piece, well over the entreating noses of his creatures.
In the course of the stampede, various pieces of furniture were destroyed and the floors fouled by the distressed horses.
Kazien called for his household servant’s assistance, which was unfortunately slow in coming, the okas and fessas of below stairs incapacitated by their nervousness to approach the loose stallions.
At this point the first party goers expressed their intention to helpfully vacate the premises.  Whereupon the entire party chose to be exactly so helpful, en masse.
The Society Pages expresses their hope that parties given by the Kazien household though entertaining, be somewhat less so in the future. The Sereniteers continue their investigation.
I had to keep a straight face when I heard about the prank someone pulled on Kazien, though I couldn’t imagine how they did it.  Was there an ancient old passageway from stables to manor house?  Kallijas had a coughing fit and I managed to keep my lips from curling up at all when I expressed my concern at the dastardly person who would so distress so many of the Fifty.
One writer, of course, had the nerve to ask me if I had anything to do with it and I was able to graciously deny everything.  Chevenga had a twinkle in his eye but was suitably solemn in expressing his hope that no one was hurt.
All in all, I surveyed the garden and had the feeling it was a resounding success.  Please Father of the Gods, Sun’s Light, let this help me get votes. Let people see me and talk to me themselves.  Let me be the boy who will be a good Imperator. Twenty-eight days until I know my fate. Twenty-eight days till the election.


  1. I honestly enjoy reading "The Pages" almost as much as I enjoy reading Letters.

    I love this story, & pray that it does not end with the election.

  2. Oh good. It won't end at the election. I promise. Minis hasn't made his majority yet.