Friday, December 2, 2011

596 - Give Me the Lookers!

“Shush, shush, be quiet or they’ll catch us!”

“Well, give me the lookers!  To actually draw the pictures I need to see!”

“I need to write the story or the High Editor won’t buy the pretty pictures you draw!”

“Ow…ooch…It was my mother’s sister’s second cousin’s aunt by marriage who heard that he was going to ask her today and where.  So give me the lookers!  Ow.”

“Hey, hey!  I fixed them! Quit yelling, even hissing, they’ll hear us. I re-ground the lens that was broken!”

“Shhhh… shhhh.  They’re leading the horses back.  We need to get closer!”

“We can’t do that, his security’ll lock us up for an eight-day… one writer who wouldn’t take no for an answer, and they said he was encroaching on reserved property!”

“That’s just a story, Irina!”

“It is the truth!  My brother delivers to the Marble Palace and you just shush Paflas!  Oh, oh, look there we have a perfect view of the top of that mamoka thing and the picnic they’re having just like I said!  Oh… Elegant and cool in silver, the Spark of the Sun’s Ray Elect rose to his knees, oh shen I broke my pencil!”

“I can see from here.  I’m going to be able to draw from what I saw before.  Keep describing what’s happening.  I’ll just dig this thorn out of my rear while you do!”

“Don’t be such a baby, nobody would think that anybody would be able to climb up here.  It’s a perfect view of this whole side of the greensward.”


Now I held my breath as she stared at me.  Then her lips curled up and she reached out her hand and laid her glove gently over my hand holding the ring.  “I will.”  She said and I could start breathing again.  “But…”

But? But? I sat down right there in front of her, the gentle rocking of Fluffy’s walk moving me back and forth.  I didn’t pull my hand back.  She'd curled her fingers around my hand so we were holding that hand… glove against glove, the ring between our palms.

She extended her other hand and opened it so I and Gan and Fara could see.  In her palm, were three rings.  “I wasn’t sure how to ask this… to say this… but I think… we should… can we all—“

Gannara started laughing again and fell right over, rolling on the floor of the platform and Fara was smiling, smiling…

She held out her own hand and had a different set of rings and even as he writhed on the floor, Gan pulled a jeweller’s pouch out and waved it at us, helplessly wordless, howling with laughter.  “I… thought… I went to… I got… rings...”

Fara leaned back against the platform wall at her back and just giggled, waving her closed hand and as Ky let go my hand I pulled out the rings I had in my other glove pocket. 

The rings I had for Gan and Fara. We all held our hands out to each other… everyone had rings for everyone else. I started laughing and fell over sideways into Gan and Bella rushed over and began licking our faces wildly.


  1. YES! Yes yes yes YES!
    Oh this is so perfect and so lovely, they all think alike, they are so suited to one another!
    Love it!
    Hee... glad you didn't decide to cliffhanger us for the whole weekend... which I thought you were going to do at first with the writers spying on them.

  2. My heart is dying a dozen deaths in sequence for joy.