Friday, December 16, 2011

605 - Condemned to Hayel

Perisalas Shefenkas looked down at the letter lying on his desk.  It had been sent over on the run from the Pages, from Intharas’s desk. Under the desk his one hand scrubbed over his thigh. The floridly hand-written letter was excessive in both the size and shape of the letters, with trailing tails on many individual characters, and the language.

Manifesto Revised

It is with a heavy, heavy heart that True Arko Shall Rise announces that the unfortunate child, son of Kurkas Aan, having been corrupted in mind and heart and flesh, is unsalvageable and must, with regret and sorrow, be sent on to his unfortunate reward in the afterlife.

We, the staunch defenders of the True Arko did, at one point, attempt to save the wretched, most miserable of boys from those who would mis-teach him.  And our strina, martyred dead extort us to press on, to continue our most holy mission.

However, we cannot answer the exhortations of our dead. We will defend the True Arko to the limits of our strength, to the ends of our flesh, to the utmost of our abilities.

We grieve the loss of our chance to save the ill-omened Minis Aan, who is forzak though no fault of his own; we pray that the most Exalted of the High Gods shall have mercy upon the innocent – though besmirched, sullied, tarnished and defiled.

The way shall be cleared for the more innocent child to learn correctly, or we shall send the last scion of the sacred Aan line.  The Crystal Throne shall be emptied of despoiled, ruined and degraded men placed there by the feckless, worthless, feeble and feeble minded mob.

We will succeed in destroying the gangrenous rot that infects the True Arko, by whatever means necessary.  Arko for Arkans.  Women restored to their proper place. Foreigners out. Arko for Arkans! True Arko, return to the truth before the Empire is again destroyed by Fire and all of us shall be condemned to Hayel!

Signed by the Unomas of True Arko Shall Rise!

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  1. And Conflict, that lynchpin of narrative, is reinstated on its prickly throne.