Monday, December 12, 2011

602 - I Am Grateful

Reknarja, Crown Prince etc.

To:  Minis Aan, Spark of the Sun’s Ray Elect etc...  [All the appropriate titles... if this were written by my secretary – my welcomist you would say – it would be perfect, but since Sukala’s cave and subsequent letters I am assuming you don’t mind if they are here in spirit if not in actuality.  If not, let me know and I’ll certainly put them all in next time.]

Dear Minis,

Thank you for asking after my family.  My father is doing very well, though still somewhat bemused by all the changes after my brother and I came home from Arko.  His hints of ‘perhaps you should set a wedding date’ have all turned into ‘how big a nursery will you need in the Tor’?

Jaliala sends her best and says that she will look forward to beginning a correspondence with your betrothed, Kyriala.  It will be interesting for the whole lot of us to travel to your wedding and coronation as per your invitation... Jal loved the roses pressed into the paper and the silver ink...  She tells me she will be the first Princess of the Crown of Tor Ench to travel to another country in such a State visit and that a wedding is the absolutely most appropriate reason for her to do so.

It is indeed interesting -- I am, in fact, grateful -- to be the favoured son, since this whole mess with Jakanarja started.  Just between you and I and the iron staple on the High Tor Gate, I think he’s happier than I’ve ever seen him.  He and Kelaepo have been braving the wild blasts of hot air from both Father and her Mother and he is currently living in the Hyerne palace, defying the conventions against men.  He is not terribly pleased with the other women’s attitude towards him, but they are certainly talking marriage and perhaps alternating between the Tor and the Palace at Thenai.

Personally -- and this is just a feeling on my part -- I think they’ll end up on the border somewhere, until Kelaepo makes her bid to become Queen when Segiddis retires.  They are aware that him being her first husband and her being his first wife will make her attempt very much harder.

I have been very good and not inquired how relations are between him and her other husbands.  I’m still reeling myself, honestly, though I must admit they are fierce warriors.  In fact I wonder if that is what drew him to her in the first place.  I admit that I am very much happier with my near perfect wife, a most excellent Princess, but perhaps Jak was put off by the rapacious delicate flowers who hurled themselves at him shamelessly for the past few years.  I’ll have to write and ask him.

It seems that Siavenka... hmmm Viranahay now... is spreading the brightly coloured crap monsters around.  Did your new pet actually maredai-  um... crap on the statue of the Fessas God?  The Pages story made out that it was a good omen, since it was the sort of trick He would appreciate; were they just putting a good face on it?

Oh, before I forget, the outcrossing of your Mahid horse that you sent me have produced a lovely line of foals out of my personal horse... they are the most amazing coats that are stripped gold and black on legs and face and neck, with a buff body and while they are not as big or heavy as your Dulis, have incredible staying power.  And of course they will be very flashy if that coat pattern persists. We shall have to see how that line develops.

Your friend,



Exerpt from the Pages – “...the affianced of the Spark of the Sun’s Ray Elect remains reticent on the identity of the elusive artist, Banaksias.  Says she – “My brother, the lord of the Manor Liren, granted access to the one room in the Liren manor .  I, personally, have no idea of the identity of the artist in question.  It is entirely possible that some person gained access to the room with my brother’s blessing and I am grateful to the bottom of my heart that Banaksias graced my show with their work.”

She went on to say, “Perhaps if other Aitzas families would consider opening their homes to the public for shows of an artistic bent they might find that artists otherwise fearful of reprisal emerge from the faceless mass and cast a light upon the realities of life in Arko the City.”


  1. You have no idea how much the idea of bird shen being considered a good omen from Mikas delighted me. Err... Mikas, right?

  2. Mikas is the right name. He's not only the artisan god but their Trickster, so the Pages and other r/a/g/s/ publications could be correct.