Monday, February 9, 2015

64 (725) - Shen Fren

“Centurion Frenaria?”

Instead of going to school rooms, Ili and Didi had gone up to the Elite arming rooms.  Frenaria had just emerged from the change room dedicated to the women in the Sun Borne Elite, in her armour, helmet under her arm.  Behind her, the door had closed on the voices of the other women.  She was going to be on duty shortly, apparently.

“Yes, Coronet?” Her hair was braided tight.  Ili smiled at her. She’s… pretty. She’s a little scary, like the statues of Dimae. Why is Didi frowning at her? I just never noticed how pretty she is for an old lady.  I mean, she’s old enough to duel Chevenga and spar Idiesas and First Ilesias and they’re REALLY old.

“Would I be able to join you all in your afternoon practice?”

Her eyebrows went up.  “Of course, Coronet.  You normally train with the Captain, and your brother, don’t you?”

He shrugged.  “I’m really… upset by something and I need to do something now, and you’re all going to do your practice now.”

“I… see.” She sent off one of the squires with a note to Idiesas, while the other women in the Sun Borne came out.  It was a little like the Razor Fans, even if there were only five, even after Frenaria had proved on her body that women could fight at that level.

“Centurion, I… don’t have the Razor Fans to be with, right now and I’d like to pound on something and get pounded on.”

“One of the Bodyguard candidates was too rough with his horse, Centurion,” Didi said.  “They have to find out which one who rode Killer and bruised him up.”

“That is horrid!” Frenaria turned to her companions, who were nodding.

 I never saw that Rissimasa is really pretty, even with a broken and healed up nose. And Fillia, and… well, Orshana is kind of ugly but moves really nicely.

“Would I be able to train with you, too?” Didi had never asked before and Ili looked at her startled.  That was when the note came back from Idiesas.

“You have permission, Coronet.  And I will include you, Didi, under my own recognizance.  Coronet, if you wish to train with us in the afternoon, and with the Captain in the morning you may, with your brother’s permission of course.”

“You have time to arm up, Coronet, the other boys are late,” Orshana said.

Frenaria shrugged.  “They were all out drinking to Boras’s affiancement,” she said.  “I thought they’d be late.”

“Come on, Didi.  You can use my spare armour. It should fit you!”  Ili grinned, cheered up.  “This is going to be fun!”

“Coronet, let Ris help you two, hmmm?  Tanifas is going to be one of the instructors today.”

Fillia giggled and pulled open Ili’s armour cabinet. “It means sparring while not stepping on loose puppies, and being sometimes pulled away from your sparring partner by a war-dog!”

“It makes everyone lighter on their feet,” Frenaria said, grinning.  The outer door boomed open and the dozen men of their sub unit came in, most complaining of headaches and bad tastes in their mouths.

“Hey, Centurion! I respectfully report.  We got Boras too drunk last night.  He’s too sick to stand and the Haian’s got him on a day’s rest!”

“Bad on the lot of you, boys.  We’ll work around him not being here. Sil, you can take his shift at guard.”

“Shen, Fren!”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean yes Centurion!” They grinned at each other.

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