Tuesday, February 10, 2015

65 (726) - You Planned This!

Gannara had actually spoken to Atzana, before and she’d informed Minis that he had an extra rest day and should probably go up to the Winter Palace to be with his wife and alesinasae. “But… but I… but…”

“Your healer concurs, Imperator,” she said tartly and gathered up her papers into the desk, folded it up with a triple snap.

“Oh, Minis,” Gannara said as he stood there, gaping after his welcomist as she wheeled her desk into its spot against the wall.  They were in the Scarlet rooms, rather than the High Offices and he could barely hear as the rainstorm began outside.


The door clicked behind Atzana and Minis felt himself seized in one of Gan’s enveloping hugs.  “You planned this!” He turned in the circle of his arms.  Both of them had filled out in the last year and Minis was still startled to find that he was tall enough to look Gan in the eyes, or nearly.  Gannara was a full handspan taller than Chevenga and nearly as tall as Kallijas, though broader across the shoulders.

“Of course I planned this, you wool-knot!” He grinned and leaned forward to kiss him. Minis turned his head a bit to catch the kiss on the corner of his mouth so he could still speak.


Gan drew back a little. “You and Ky and Farasha and I were so focused on the ‘making babies’ kind of sex that we mostly neglected us.  The girls are having time to themselves and so are we.”

“We are?” Minis began smiling then, tucked his head into his neck, relaxing into his arms. He set his lips on the pulse just under Gan’s jaw, felt his smooth, freshly shaven skin.  “We are,” he whispered without moving away, so his breath and words fluttered against that softness.

“I was thinking of growing my beard out,” Gan said and Minis could feel him smile.  “But Farasha told me she liked my face smooth.”

“You have the option, you son of a fuzzy mammoka,”  Minis muttered, letting his hand slide over Gan’s chest.  “I’m still giving peaches a run for their money!”

Gan’s hand came up to cup his cheek and pull his face up for a full kiss.  “Lovely peach,” Gan husked and turned him so that his hands cupped him, pulling him up and full length against him.

“So…” Minis had no words for a long time until they broke apart for panting breaths of air.  “Here or do we…”

“Here’s more private, even all the spy holes have been filled in over the centuries.”

Minis grinned and began unbuttoning Gan’s shirt.  “And no others made in those centuries?”

Gan swallowed hard as he ran his fingers over the tattoos of waves over his chest, circling his nipples. His own fingers worked the waistband down Minis’s back, thumbs circling and pushing the silken underclothes down at the same time so when the trous fell down on his thighs his hands grasped bare flesh.

“My love… I think…” Minis realized what he wanted almost the instant he did it, frantically pulling at each other’s clothing, a button popped off and Gan had him wrapped up tight in his hair, arms pinned, wrists tight, wound just above the Imperial seals, pulling him back against him.  The hair wrap left him a hand free and he reached around to gently cup Min’s testicles.

Minis shuddered and nearly fell, collapsed back against Gan and he ran his penis up his spine, just pressing, as he let go the hair and used both hands. “I… give myself to you. I want you, Gan.” He could feel his sweat, slick between his thighs and his buttocks and his wrists, slowly being released as his hair relaxed.  “There’s a lovely couch…”

One of Gan’s hands let go and pushed against his shoulders, he found himself stretched across the couch,hair-wrapped hands pinned against the silk, hard against Gan’s hand clasped tight around his penis. “Ohh, yes, yes. Oh yes!”  It was a position that they’d found set off furious sparks of lust in both of them. He thrust into Gan’s hands, helpless to stop himself, mouth open panting wildly.

“Maybe… maybe I shouldn’t be this fast?”But he didn’t slow down at all. Rubbing, rubbing hard.

“Don’t stop, don’t!”

Gan chuckled and laid the head of his penis at the top of Minis’s crack, where he couldn’t get him inside no matter how he writhed and moaned.  “Beg me, my love.”

“Please!  Oh, please!” He could feel the orgasm like the rainstorm outside, sitting at the bottom of his spine, welling up from every thrust, every clench of Gan’s fingers.  “Please, GANNARA!”

Gan’s hand pressed him even more firmly against the couch and then he slid down and with a drop of scented oil, slid into him. “YES! YES!” Minis bit the couch in front of him, bucking wildly against his love.  “Harder, lover! I won’t BREAK!!!” Gan bucked as well, almost shrieking as he came. Minis came a moment later, matching his cries.

It went on and on for wave after wave of shudders, each wave gradually subsiding, until Gan set his elbows on either side of Minis and they slithered around to end up both lying on the couch.  Minis shuddered again, felt the shudder echo back from him to Gan, gradually worked his hands loose from coils of his hair. A long curl of Gan’s hair dangled down over Min’s face, trembling. “Oh My Great God,” Minis husked. “Oh my.”

“Kahara, Kahara.”

“You… were right, Gan.”


“We needed that.  I needed that.”

“Mhm. We'll go up to the girls when we wake up.”

There was a distant, muffled rumble of thunder outside and the winter rain chilled the stone, pouring down the cliff, cooling the sun-heated marble.  Minis vaguely grabbed the red silk blanket that had been on the couch and half dragged it over them, Gan reached to pull it the rest of the way and tuck it in. “I love you, you idya.”

“I love you too, you jerk.”

 Gan snorted a giggle. “Not a jerk when I can have sex with you.”

“Yeha. Idya.”

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