Friday, February 6, 2015

Comment contest Update!

Savage Kitsune and Fan are neck and neck in the comment content race (I'm not counting likes or shares on fb as 'commentary').  I'm really glad to see how people like Inensa developing, though she herself thinks she is too violent. (She has a lot of Haians around her.)

First Joras Mahid, as a four year old, nearly five, would already have been beaten to an inch of his life in the old way if he were that contrary.  Ilesias is standing off to one side saying 'That's just not right!'  Ili is going to be spending a lot of the next little while hiding in the Marble Palace stables or out in the woods.  Rain, cold, even the occasional and wildly rare snow. He doesn't want to be in the Marble Palace with all this baby stuff going on and his brother going batshit crazy with Assembly, thinking they want to kill him...

The new bodyguard coming into the Marble Palace, settling into the Mahid quarters... (oooh, ahhh, did you know they had THIS?) pool, indoor training, indoor riding ring, dog yard, woodlands for archery and dart training. The Elite training on the roof. (Did you see that MOVE?)

Belowstairs are going to be interested in the whole new lot and how they fit into the Marble Palace culture, run by First Ilesias, Captain Idiesas, First Amitzas and help from Sukala and Haian psychologists along with other experts from all over the known world.

This group is going to be something to watch in the future.  Oh... and the Temple's sticky fingers are going to be in this pie up to the elbows!

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