Thursday, March 19, 2015

89 - Who Is This Matthas Guy?

(By personal bonded express wing courier)

To: Megan Whitlock, Owner/Proprietor Slaf Hikarme, Brahvniki, Portside North

Teik Whitlock,

Hoping this missive finds you and your family well and hale, I am writing to you as a one-time customer of your services.

I am currently working as a clerk for the New Imperator of Arko and He has requested of me that I inquire into hiring someone with experience dealing with the Empire across the Lannic, namely Fehinna and it is with dispatch and mild urgency that I contact you.

It seems that that Empire is opening an Embassy in Arko the city and it is certain that there will be Imperial call for someone with a working knowledge of the language of that foreign country.

If you should know of anyone with such knowledge and is willing to travel, please reply via wing-courier to the Marble Palace, office of Internal Serenity, Number 305. A generous stipend is offered for basic translation services and should any other work be either available or negotiable then I am authorized to inform you that payment in gold is available. 

All efforts and endeavours shall be generously compensated.  All travel documents necessary to expedite the arrival of this person are in the packet enclosed.

Blessings of the Honey-Giving One upon you,
Koru shield you,
Ten Gods Bless,

Matthas Bennas, fessas


To: Matthas Bennas, fessas, Marble Palace Arko: Internal Serenity, Number 305

Ser Bennas,

Always good to hear from a former client.  I, at the moment, have one such person as you describe able to travel to Arko, though somewhat unwilling.  Her Fehinnan is rusty but should come back rapidly.

Expect her shortly, within the next ten days you will find, if the wind is good, as I understand it is a matter of some urgency being.

Koru Bless, Ten Gods Bless
Megan Whitlock (by her own hand)

She signed it with a flourish and pressed her seals into the hot wax.  Matthas Bennas.  I don’t recognize the name, but if the new boy chilling his ass on the Arkan throne needs a translator I should certainly be able to do that.  Other endeavours that they’re willing to pay in gold for? If they don’t want a spy I’ll eat Hotblood’s harness raw.

“Shkai’ra! Shyll! Rilla!  I’ve just been hired by He Who Shits Sunbeams to do some translation and maybe some sneaking around. Could be some throat cutting, if I've gotten sloppy.”

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