Friday, March 6, 2015

My Apologies for just vanishing

Well.  Last night I was working on my post and... well... I fell asleep, cross-legged, computer on my lap, surrounded by the fortress of pillows hauled out of the basement bedroom.

I have eight bed legs to build... pizza to make... more damp to vacuum up... I may not be able to do two posts today.  Oh, I also have a client to see tonight at 7:30 so... probably not.

This weekend we're hoping to have the house back together again, mold free and freshly clean!

And I'll have to say that the bed upstairs, though it is a firm pillowtop, makes my back ache like I've slept on an iron platform.  I do better on the couch downstairs.

Unfortunately I don't want to move right now.  I'm still a little tired.

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