Friday, March 20, 2015

90 - She Probably Won't Work With Me

Minis came running down from the Assembly Hall, with the Imperial robe haphazardly flung over his shoulders, having had to go back and sit for the end of Assembly. And they were still debating whether it was merely a constitutional challenge – merely!—or an all out act of War.

It would go on probably all next day as well and if he was lucky it would stop with a vote by tomorrow evening.   

“Imperator!” Matthas jogged up with his note-board.  “I thought you might like to know that Perisalas has been sent to the South Tunnel mouth to begin investigating this so called ‘New Prophet’.”

“Good.  Is there any news of people fleeing these people? Joining them? Anything?”

“Nothing yet.”

“Kyash. Ah, General Pasen... your expertise is all north of the mountains is it not?”

“Yes, Minis.”

“Has Admiral Inisen arrived yet?”

“He sent word that he is on his way by express chair from Fispur.”

“Send him in, when he gets here, I understand that the Speaker to Armies is here?”

“She’s speaking to Atzana.”

“Excellent, I’ll be up in the Highest Office, no one in the booth, understood?”

“Yes, Minis.”

“Oh, and the Srian Ambassador?”

“Also waiting.” He’d fallen in beside Minis as they trotted down the hall.

“Someone get my skates, please? I need to be in half a ten’s places at once... or nearly,” Minis said tugging the robe straight.

“They’re already up in the Highest Office, Minis... I have a slight problem.”

He stopped and faced him.  “What problem is that?”

Matthas laid fingers on the old white scars on his face, that looked as though he’d been clawed by a small fang lion, or a bear.  “The Fehinnan speaker who is coming might not want to work with me.”


“I’ll tell you the whole story sometime, but I tried to force her to assassinate someone and this is how she responded. Um... she has claws.”

“I... see.” Minis tilted his head to one side to examine the scars more closely as Matthas wiped the covering cosmetics away.

“She’s a Zak and very volatile,” Matthas said.

“You were in Brahvniki, weren’t you?”

“Before the war, yes, that’s where I know her from.”

“So, get someone else to escort her up and introduce her.  I’ll talk to her.  Hopefully I won’t piss her off enough to claw me.”

“Not likely, Imperator. You aren’t threatening her family.”

“This is a story I’ve got to hear when I have time.”

“Of course, Imperator.”


  1. "Might not want to work with me"..... ya think????!!

  2. Matthas, always the epitome of understatement!