Sunday, December 27, 2009

[Author's Note: Chat with Characters]

If you have ever wanted to talk directly to a character, now is your opportunity! Vote in the Poll on the left and once Karen and I have tabbed up our relative tallies, we will set up dates, times and links.

We've invited the characters to come online for only a half hour at first, unless they can be persuaded to stay longer, but most are not very used to the medium. Be gentle, they're from a post apocalyptic world so this technology takes some getting used to, for them. Of course if you want to yell at them for missing stuff you may as well, most of them are public figures and are used to all kinds of such attention.

So go vote and we'll arrange the soiree!

1 comment:

  1. For this, I'll actually try to catch a narrow time slot. I hope it's late enough in the day I'll actually be up and awake.

    *chuckle* Some of my characters get up to all sorts of antics in the back of my head. The latest addition made an ass of himself, and someone else threw a bucket of water on him and tossed him out ... he's been a bit more restrained after that. If I actually let some of them at the keyboard, wheef, the been-with-me-a-while ones would know what to do with it, but I'm not sure what they'd talk about. After some of the things they've said in story snippets, I hesitate to ask.