Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Author's Note - Passing the Hat

Christmas is coming
the goose is getting fat!

Please to put a penny in the ol'ladies hat!

If you haven't got a penny,
then ha'penny will do,

If yeh haven't got a ha'penny,
Then God Bless You!


Blessing of the Yule on everyone and a reminder... if you've tipped the mailman and the paper-boy, please remember your friendly on-line author for the Solstice! As we begin so we go on.

The donate button is on the left on the blog and is very easy to push, really. Paypal only takes a tiny cut so even if it is only a dollar, it makes a difference.

If three readers donate a dollar I have Skype for another month!

Christmas is coming! The goose is getting fat!
So, please to put a penny into the ladies' hat!


  1. lol, mailmen and paper boys...

    Love the use of verse. ^_^

  2. Why thank you! It's an old Victorian Christmas carol, slightly changed.

  3. Soul, a soul, a soul cake
    Please, good missus, a soul cake
    Apple, pear, plum, or cherry
    Any good thing to make us all merry
    One for Peter, two for Paul
    Three for him who made us all!

    Holiday tip is on its way...

  4. Thank you for the verse! I might come up with new 'calling on' songs and other ways of 'passing the hat'.

    Alms for an ex-leper!