Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Hiatus

I will, beginning tomorrow, take a three day posting break. My sons will both be with me and I must deal with Christmas trees and decoration. And the Siamese Demolition Squad. Next week I'll be posting on Tuesday and Wednesday and then not until the 26th with a boxing day special. After that I shall be back on the normal five day schedule!

I may focus more on Kyrus or Hero's Whoreson rather than Minis but we will have to see how I am inspired.

Have a great holiday!


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  2. Happy holidays! We had our Yule event yesterday, with caroling and a candlelit ritual. Feast included Egyptian spiced leg of lamb, couscous, eggplant mousaka, pomegranate punch, and spice cake.

  3. Thank you! Solstice Revels Ensue!

  4. Hey, can Minis beat Amitzas on Boxing Day?

    That'd be fun.


  5. Oh neat idea... but I'll have to consider other things...