Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[Guest post: -- Karen's warning....

Rather than delete this I'll just modify... I did make it, and Post 165 is up. I will be putting up 166 soon after midnight while I still have internet. Thanks Karen.

Karen here to let you know that, due to an interruption in Shirley's Internet service, she won't be able to post tonight. She offers her abject apologies. She hopes to have the situation rectified in time to post tomorrow.

Meanwhile, she's changed the site format, and as she was asking me if I liked it, she probably wouldn't mind hearing whether you like it also. Hit the comments. And don't forget to vote for her, and -- hey, what the heck -- me too.


  1. I hate the new format. It is harder to read. It cuts off part of the cover picture. The sidebar is in the way and distracting. If you hadn't already hooked me on the story, I probably wouldn't come back. My main interest in blogs is their content, but eyesore layouts are a definite detriment.

  2. Ok. Shifted back...

    Now if only I could get my donate button over on the other side...

  3. lol, I too am happier with this layout. Sorry. ^_^

  4. Not a problem. Part of the on-going process. Thanks for letting me know.