Friday, June 11, 2010

Emergency Guest Author's Note

Hi Eclipse Court readers, it’s Karen here to let you know that Shirley will probably be posting today’s installment somewhat late.

She came over here to do me a favour—specifically, take a photo of me for passport and G8 media accreditation purposes—and then we had a lovely dinner of pork, shrimp and cashew stir-fry and did some Googlewave RPing towards today’s installment of
Philosopher in Arms (for which I forgot to thank her dearly and so shall do so publicly.) After that, she would have made it home in good time to complete the EC post except for the blown-out tire due to something pointy on the road in Huntsville, and the resultant wait for the nice people from CAA, which is the slightly-higher-in-Canada version of AAA.

So—expect the EC post, complete with cliff-hanger, sometime after midnight. It'll be worth the wait.



  1. Sleep. Brains work better on rest. No rest means mopey Minis, and nobody likes mopey Minis. Not even mopey Minis.

    Of course, he'll still mope in the morning, but it'll be higher quality mope.