Tuesday, June 15, 2010

News update from the Gulf of Words

There will be a post tonight! Yes, indeed! On this site! The words are still flowing and I am still catching some of them.

Because of a minor accident
fire/explosion/sinking/mistake in the plot of this ongoing drilling project novel, our emergency crews fearless author has been called to attend to the plot-gushing environmental disaster of the century fiddly little cleanup details.Exterminate! Exterminate! Warning, warning Will Robininson! The Seaview is going down! Hull-breech imminent Captain. The Time Tunnel is collapsing! The two astronauts will never make it home to our time! Uncle Martin put that antenna down! We apologize for the leakage of any other plots onto your screen and will Resistance is futile have this little leak fixed whenever she ponies up the fikken words to plug it! in no time at all. Mother stop honking at traffic policeman do you want to get me arrested?

There has been a crippling disaster minor problem discovered, deep in the buried posts of EC which will lead to some major revisions to plug a seven month hole teensy little revisions in the plot. Everything is fine up to post 243 and then we experience a massive fucking entropy-spewing hole where the platform burned down, fell over and sank into the ocean little blip spewing oily words in all directions like dying birds until our ceaselessly working engineers put a cap on it spin writer can come up with a lovely story about how hard we are working to fucking fix it! Correct our little problem. Please note the engaging colours on the surface of the water. Pretty, just like soap bubbles. Not a deadly, life and book sucking horror. Everything from Post 250 onward should be fine.

We should be caught up over this weekend. With the flippin’ car crippled and on two wheels, my scissor jack squashed under the parts car and only a bicycle to get my son to freakin’ camp this weekend… We have a whole week in which to flop around like deranged jellyfish access our brilliant think-tank and come up with a smoothly sliding seamless solution.

Stay tuned for our very own Update from the Gulf of Words!


  1. Ohh dear. Do you need help from the peanut gallery, or can you handle this without going batshit?

  2. oh far too late for not going batshit and bugfuck too. comes from following the wrong timeline... sigh I can plug the hole with references up to Minis's seventeenth b-day... but then I'm still stuck with figuring out where they all were and where Minis voted on C's impeachment.

    Before proceeding on my merry way... sigh...head desk head. desk. rip. hair. rip hair. How to fill in from June to October of that year... eep.

    As the computer on old Star Trek used to say... "WORKING" "WORKING"

  3. Aw. I liked the first return to Arko. It was right in several ways. Sadly, while it may be wrong in only one, it's apparently an important one. You gotta do right by your stories. Good luck, godspeed and when you start to hallucinate, remember that Lono is more trustworthy than the Banana God. If you see the Banana God, just tell him he isn't real and to go away.

  4. Lono... got it. The first return to Arko is going to be actually LONGER. They get to pfaff around in the city while Minis writes more stories... just a matter of delaying Perisalas some.

    The figuring out them leaving and what delays them.

  5. Like I said in the IM, I have a feeling you'll do a better, faster and more diligent clean-up job than BP.

  6. While I know it's a pain in the BOP to have to repair the plot, part of me is thinking, oh boy, five more months of adventures that I wouldn't have gotten to read otherwise. I know that, unlike BP, you will get the job done, and without ANY environment devastation.

  7. Thanks guys. Yes, I could use some suggestions from the peanut gallery. Delaying Perisalas's normally smooth trip back to the city. Flood, lame horses, avalanche? Tunnel closed due to???

    And perhaps why Minis doesn't want to leave yet... why he's hanging around and why Gannara does not write his parents?

  8. If Perisalas gets delayed, shouldn't it be by duty of some kind?

    I don't quite understand what was messed up, so I have no idea what to suggest for Minis and Ganara. =/

  9. Mm, I quite agree, GG. Let's say he finds a lead on Second Amitzas and has to follow it up?

    Minis . . . let's see, buying a house doesn't usually take just a day, even for cash money. You can throw in a couple of weeks of closing procedures at the least, and then there could be more difficulties with obtaining identity . . . I don't think you could fill the whole seven months, though. Maybe they leave and come back later to retrieve something of vital import?