Friday, May 6, 2011

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Dear Editor,

In answer to Ser Litzarn’s letter in the last edition.  Dear Ser I understand your upset and laud you for your petition to the Assembly of Arko.  I do, however, take exception to the number of things you consider wrong with our beloved country.

I believe your petition would be more effective if you focused upon the core of the problem in the Empire, which is this so called Fenjitza.

The Ten seem to be tolerating this horrible experiment, with the Temple complicit in this, however, there are holy scriptures that explain this tolerance. My personal priest has pointed these verses out to me and the warnings are clear.

Such temptations and tests are periodically allowed by the Ten to test Arko’s faith and fidelity and when our women are put to the trial.

The Ten are merciful to let us see the truth and save ourselves from the brink of sin.  Let us use our good and common sense to pull back from the brink of disaster and restore the Temple to purity.  To call for the punishment and perhaps execution of this poor, lost creature styling herself as the equal of our highest priest is extreme and reflection of our fear of sin and Hayel.  We needn’t be so extreme.

With faith and sincerity,

Atzan Fenirat, Aitzas


Dear Editor,

I must respond to some letters recently printed in the Pages.  These men are terribly frightened.

The Fenjitza and her girls and boys helped my family immeasurably.  When there were no Haians in the city… and I might not have been able to even afford to engage a Haian, to my shame.

I was a young groom and the Sera at the House of Masks offered me instruction and comfort so my wife suffered much less on our wedding night.

We have our first child, a girl, and my wife and I both depended upon the secure assistance of the priestess/midwife from the Temple and the Haian both at her birth.  We did not lose our first child as is so common in Arko and my wife’s life was never in danger.

Please do not listen to these terrified men who are do not understand that loving our wives is acceptable and healthy. My prayers go out to those men, though my God is beneath theirs.

Matsha Nenas, fessas


Re Petition Calling for Reinstatement of Purification:

While I applaud the sentiment and agree in principle with the general thrust of this initiative, I really feel that those who conceived and signed the petition should review their tactics.

It’s not just that Arko has been reduced to a moral swamp by the pernicious influence of wool-haired barbarians; it is that the Empire has been effectively emasculated, reduced to effete weakness like a brilliantly virile champion reduced to a eunuch.

You people are far too moderate and civilized! Flog this creature and burn her out of the Temple? How namby pamby! She should be publicly and gruesomely tortured over several days in Presentation Square!

Reinstate the purification law? That change should be made retroactive, and every poor Hayel-bound girl who was denied the procedure seized and cut forthwith, no matter how much her weak-willed parents squawl, while all Arkans who collaborated with this vicious and evil departure from our sacred traditions should be castrated and executed brutally!

De-“sanctify” the Houses of Masks? They should all be burned to the ground with their vicious inhabitants inside, their screams of agony ringing out as the music of relief to all righteous Arkans’ ears, then the stones scattered and the land sowed with salt!

Arko needs to return to its truly powerful days, when an Imperator wasn’t afraid to make the square run a handwidth deep in impure gore so as to preserve order. Now that we have an Arkan back on the Crystal Throne, that will be his true test, and that of the noble young man of sacred Aan blood who follows: do they have the testicular will to truly return Arko to the sacred ways that make us truly great, by the thorough and ruthless bloodbath that would require?

In order and civilization,
Stefan Haperin Aitzas

My thanks to Karen for the Stefan letter.  I eagerly anticipate more letters!  Thank you!


  1. I've never understood the desire to sow earth with salt. Sowing it with lead, lye or even walnut husks is just as effective (in the last case, it's only ineffective versus walnuts), and salt is worth rather more than its weight in gold.

  2. Of course. How destructive do you want to be?

  3. It's conspicuous conquest consumption, my dear.

  4. So far there hasn't been enough of a petition to even get the question of purification into the Arkan Assembly...