Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brainstorming Invitation

It’s post asa kraiya and past where you are if you’re caught up on Eclipse Court.  

Spoiler Warning --

Chevenga is peacefully positioned as semanakraseye of Yeola-e again.  Kallijas is serenely seated on the Crystal Throne of the Empire of Arko, with Minis waiting in the wings to take over when he comes of age. Both Assemblies are arguing and in the case of the Yeolis, waving their arms at one another.  Crops are good, no pestilences plague the land, weather is fair, the citizenry is happy.

In short, everything’s nice and stable... the sort of state that a conscientious head of state wants for his people, always.

We don’t want to leave it that way, do we?

Your dedicated authors, of course, have many a scheme and a plot in mind to challenge our brave characters in ways that are simply inevitable, given human... or other-than-human (who knows?)... nature.  We have plot arcs that are already set, as our foreshadowing hints.

But we can always use more ideas!

And we know you well enough to realize what a fiendish lot you are and just how hellacious the ideas could be that y’all might think up.

We invite you to throw them at us in a Google doc created especially for that purpose.  If you are interested please let us know via email (if you have ours) or in a comment below.  No rush on this as it will be ongoing until we think we have enough or we stop getting them.

We do not promise we will use your idea.  Or use it in the form you intend.  That’ll be part of the many surprises we have in store.

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