Friday, May 13, 2011

Comments Gone

Dear Guys,

It seems in the recent Blogger blowup all the comments for the Mahid Poll have gone kablooie.  I'm sorry to ask but if you still have them could you put them back up here if I haven't managed to replace them?

Thanks again for taking the time to both click on the Poll and to comment, it's much appreciated. (i.e. I'm slaveringly grateful!)


  1. From Blue Coyote: I put Other- Revive the Mahid only if it is truly a revival, a rebirth of what the true purpose of the clan was, to be the best and to protect and serve the Imperator.

    From kliklikitty: I agree with Blue Coyote. ONLY IF it is a true revival. with none of the horrible and sinister practices that were the norm for the Mahid for so long.

    From oakwind: The idea of a disciplined dedicated loyal, Mahid without the cruelty, and lack of emotion appeals to me. I think it is the idea of all the best qualities of humans combined with that focus that interests me. It isn't something one finds in the real world very often, although I am sure some in our military strive for it.

    From Cat: A major story arc of 'Eclipse Court' is redemption, and Minis is driven to revive that which is good from Arko's history.

    The Mahid need this. Presumably, before the last several generations of poisoned Aans, the Mahid were more than they became under Kurkas. Minis needs to resurrect their good qualities, and help the survivors heal.

    After all, the Mahid *are* his cousins. They are his family, and Minis has discovered that he does have family feeling.

    Also an understanding of what was done *to* them leads to an understanding of how they did it, and what the consequences were for those actions.

    Go for it Minis. It needs doing.

  2. Yeah, it screwed up your votes too. Hope they've sorted it all out at Blogger Central.

    I was going to comment on the recreation of the Mahid, but decided a better vehicle would be a letter from Chevenga, who always has an opinion, written when he finds out that the idea is being floated. Stay tuned, readers...