Thursday, May 5, 2011

477 - First of Five Thousand

Letter to the Editor of the Pages…Muunas 26, Y.P.A. 50

Dear Editor,

I am amazed that the wrath of the Ten has not completely obliterated the city and, indeed, the Empire.

Since the bloody devastation of the horrific sack of Arko, wild and evil laws have been passed to destroy and ruin our sacred traditions.  Our daughters are in danger of eternal smothering, our streets are over-run with children of all castes with savage inks marked into their skins, glass inserted into their ears and faces and who knows where else upon their bodies, flouting the venerable hair laws that allow our sacrosanct castes to be immediately discerned.

The most vile, horrific change in our glorious culture is the installation of that masked female promulgating her vile profession in the Temple itself!  That prostitute and midwife being given undeserving honours and lauded as a sacred personage? Sacred?  Please.  She is a vile and polluted individual, thieving glory from her betters, encouraging our daughters to ensure themselves a place in Hayel itself!

The Imperator by conquest imposed His vision of the world, his munificent view of the wicked, abominable, depraved female.  He found this loathsome creature, this madam of the most notorious brothel, prepared to step into an artificially created high religious post, claiming to be ‘restoring’ our religion to what it once was.

The House of Masks, this locus of foulness, this out-caste and repugnant filth of society, was the ‘hiding place’ of the woment’s half of our religion?  Whores and pimps and midwives?  This centre of the ruin and pus of our beloved country is supposedly the cradle of female priests?

The ‘so called’ ancient religious texts printed in this august publication were removed from holy books for good reason! The Imperator, rest He in Selestialis, who realized that the evil, sexual, forces had infiltrated our most sacred of places and called for the excision of that sinful impurity from our texts and from our beloved daughter’s bodies!

I call on the honourable, right-thinking, concerned fathers of Arko to join together in calling on the Assembly and the Regent Imperator to restore sanctity to the Empire.  Flog and remove this creature… or burn it out of the Temple.  This so called ‘Fenjitza’ is a mouth of Hayel! 

I call on the Assembly and Regent Imperator to do the right and honourable thing and re-instate the purity law, to cut the evil out of our beloved little girls before they can be deceived into thinking they should retain that seed of evil in themselves.  Excise at first threshold as is traditional, and right.

Petition submitted to the Assembly of Arko,


Risalli Mil Litzarn, Aitzas,  
first of five thousand signatures

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  1. BY THE SACRED TEN !!! I most sincerely hope there is a counter petition to shout this lout down... or that it really does not get as many signatures as needed.