Wednesday, November 16, 2011

585 - The ORF


- by Kafiris Loren
Risae 8, 50 Y.P.A. Arko City

Two days ago, contrary to loud predictions of an enormous loss, the female Mahid team held the Flying Dulis to a zero zero, with opened goals. The historic match was played in front of an exclusive and appreciative crowd.
It seemed at first that the Dulis would, as predicted, roll over the women, with the first goal opening, but the Mahid girls slid a disk past the unsuspecting Teshan Buren.  Both Buren and Tesha Mahid, as goal keepers presented an astonishing display of skill.

The Dulis dominated the first set and clearly expected an easier game.  Team Captain Saras Trenen said, “We expected a score of ten or more against an unopened goal, at first.  Our coach told us not to hold back and we didn’t.  I’ll admit I was surprised the way they came out in the second set.  Fast, hard and I suppose we should have realized that they were letting themselves play like Mahid men.”

The second set was as startling and bloody as some of the more famous Mahid men’s.  The women used their speed and their agility to excellent effect and the much theorized ‘female wiles’ to deliver at least one hit that laid Trenas out for the set and for the next game as well.  “I’m still seeing stars,” the captain said.

The Mahid women’s captain, Jorasa, was equally blunt describing the check that sidelined her for the game.  “He hit me with authority and dispatch,” she said with typical Mahid stoicism, then a momentary smile startled.  “As if I’d been smashed with a war hammer.”

Coach Arenen expressed his pride in his team in glowing terms.  “They showed some of what they can do.  Give them enough time and a second string and they’ll be in the High League in the next five years, mark my words.”  This reporter is curious to discover the secrets of play that the Coach is hinting of, but Arenen declined to say.

Other Mahid, who were in the audience also expressed their pride.  “They do their brothers and husbands and fathers proud.”

The Dulis’ coach, Feniras Trenas, was reticent when asked if the Dulis would play the Mahid women again, but there are rumors of other solas teams wishing to test their metal against the team some brand new fans are starting to call the Onxyine Razor Fans.

Watch this space for news of the ORF’s next game and next opponents.


By pigeon message from Yeola-e:  REGENT IMPERATOR CHOOSES BRIDE!


  1. Beware Solas teams
    Onxyine Razer Fans are
    On the war path now!

    The Mahid Women's Team hit the Bowl
    To bring honour was their only goal
    Lithely avoiding disgrace
    Despite elbows to the face
    Now the Onxyine Razer Fans Roll!

    The Flying Dulis came to play
    But shortly they would rue that day
    The Midnight Razers cut them deep
    And Dulis fans were seen to weep
    That scoreless victory, they say

  2. A bride has been chosen
    Imperator Regent Asked.
    "Yes", said properly.

  3. Dave needs a dyer drum!

  4. Scene at Ky's Salon

    Blacks & Colours mixed together
    Seen at Ky's Salon
    Mahid & Dyer – birds of a feather
    Seen at Ky's Salon
    An unlikely pairing, some might say
    Funny, it turning out that way
    Complimentary, like night & day
    As seen at Ky's Salon

    Onxyine & Rainbows dancing
    Seen at Ky's Salon
    Mingling freely, gaily prancing
    Seen at Ky's Salon
    Splashing in the swimming pool
    Teach each other, like in school
    Drumming, singing like a fool!
    All seen at Ky's Salon

  5. And with that astonishing oevre, Dave catapults into the lead!

  6. Anonymous's dyer drumming egg'd me on. I was thinking of calling it "After Party" or "Victory Celebration", but that wouldn't have been any pun...

  7. Shirley, for reader edification... how does this comment contest actually work? You wrote:

    "If you post fifty or more good comments before the end of the story, I will create a character for you and write a post based on this character."

    Then I went and poetically inveigled you into making it two points per haiku.

    Now you're talking about Dave being in the lead, but does that matter or is it just for fun? In other words, does everyone who hits 50 points get a character, or is it whoever gets 50 first, or whoever gets the most points, or what?

    (I have had some fun by making it appear that I am in the running, and I might do more in the future, but there's so much of me in EC already that I'd never take the opportunity from someone else...!)

  8. Dave's poem inspires me.
    Might one Fan come out as a
    Lesbian Mahid?

  9. The comment contest is rather informal... the last two times I ran it, it was the first person to give me the number of thoughful comments.

    Gian and his father were the result of the first contest. Vanya and the booksellers' caravan the result of the second.