Thursday, November 17, 2011

586 - Awwwww Gian!

Nuninibas is being a dork.  He’s saying that my brother is being bad by waiting so long to ask Kyriala to marry him.

I kind of agree with him but there’s no way I’m going to let him say stuff like that so I yelled at him and he yelled at me and we got to pushing.  I don’t know who said what first but we ended up rolling on the floor, with some of his friends and some of mine around us, yelling.

Gian pulled us apart, along with a couple of the palace guards.  “Boys!  Boys!  Stop, stop, stop! You are friends!  What brought this on?”

We both started shouting our stories and Gian stood there looking stern with his arms crossed and there was a lot of shouting from our friends until we all got kind of talked out and kind of slowed down.  My throat was the most sore part of me.

Jia’s hiding under the silver chaise and his Flapper too, both hanging on to each other, tentacles and wings and eye and Jia turned the same shade of pink as Flapper.

All the noise eventually went away. “So Nuninibas as I understand you were concerned that Minis hasn’t asked Kyriala to marry him yet?”

“Yes!  It’s not fair!”

“He shouldn’t say bad things about my brother, or call him names!”

“I just said he was a little slow!”

“That’s not nice!”

“It’s just time, I’m not talking about if he’s smart or not!”

“Well you didn’t say!”


He never raised his voice.  We stopped.  “Nuninibas I would like you to tell your sister you’re putting pressure on Minis through his little brother.”

“WHAT? NO I WASN’T!”  Nuni turned bright red, almost as red as uncle Kallijas.

“Nevertheless I insist that you tell your sister that your concern is getting a bit… obtrusive.”

I had to smile.  But Gian turned around and saw before I had a chance to change my face.  “And you, young man.  You are going to tell your brother and the Regent that you were willing to trade fisticuffs with the person you call your best friend.”

“Awwww, Giannnnn.”

“Shush.  Both of you should be aware that your brother and your sister will appreciate your keeping yourselves out of the affair.  Besides.  Minis is highly unlikely to ask anyone anything in the middle of the Regent and Serina Si Rusa’s wedding.”


“I’ll take your words on that.”

“Yes, Gian,” Nuni said.  “Yes, Gian,” I said.

“And you both will not be allowed to be together for a whole eight day, since you were not being very friendly to one another.”

This time we both went ‘AWWWWW, GIAN…”

“No, awwww Gianning me.  Serin Liren… thank you for visiting the Marble Palace.  I’m sorry your visit was so short.”

“Ahem.”  I looked around and saw Ailadas leaning against a doorpost.

“Not you too!”  I said.


  1. Nuninibas is being a dork.
    I admire his succinct, no-nonsense judgement calls. I hope he will bring this trait to politics when he gets a little older.

  2. Children are fighting,
    what a shame, inflicting pain.
    goal? family engagement.

  3. Oh thanks for the assessment. Trying to lay politeness on Ili might be the more trying thing than political astuteness. I figure that Minis never tried to squelch Ili's childhood directness. Some might say, bluntness.

  4. Bwahaha... Love!