Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Comment Contest

Hey Folks!  It's time for my final Comment Contest for Eclipse Court.

I'm in the home stretch to the end and I'd like to see if you all have any more advice for me!

If you post fifty or more good comments before the end of the story, I will create a character for you and write a post based on this character.

Have fun!!/photo.php?fbid=277746668936375&set=o.187961301279638&type=1&theater  Check out this cartoon!


  1. I think that pieces of good advice rendered into haiku form should be worth double.

    no! Please, not a character
    at all like Karen."

  2. Ah! Two points for me
    Though I have no EC aims

    Wait! It must be four
    Another haiku comment
    must count for two more.

    And yet if it is
    Points per haiku, not comment
    I have accrued six.

    But wait--it's now eight!
    Can this writerly mind count?
    No! This makes it ten.

  3. Final? Home stretch? **END**???!!!!

    Aaack! You mean you're not just gonna keep going? Minis is younger than most of us; his adventures should outlive us!

  4. well... it may be... a pause to make...

  5. Twenty Five Haiku's
    Bring Immortality to
    Eclipse Court Readers

  6. Such an easy price
    for eternal life! Twelve down,
    Eight and ten to go.

  7. Oops, my math is off.
    Writers, numbers--Q.E.D.
    One and ten, should be.