Friday, November 18, 2011

587 - Aras's Verse of Conquest: 83

It was very late in Chevenga’s… Virana-e’s house, even though technically he did not own it, his spouses did.  Kallijas and I and Kyriala and Laisa and all our entourage were staying another day so the family could celebrate Kall and Laisa’s betrothal.  My gut was uneasy and the height of the mountain was making my head pound.

I lit the candle and opened my holy book to a passage that Radas had marked for me, the last time we’d spoken, and settled into the feathers and wool of the bed to try and get to sleep again.

The silly parrot had learned how to open my door and was perched on a stand built into the headboard so it wouldn’t shen on the pillow or anyone’s head on the pillow.  It pulled its head out from its floof of feathers, gave me a dirty look and tucked its head to go back to sleep.

 Aras’s Verse of Conquest: 83 If you remove the slave chains of words from your people, refuse to tolerate among you the pointing of the finger, the speaking of evil, I will lift you up.  If you offer your food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted, then will the divine light rise in the darkness and your gloom be like the noonday’s regard.  Muunas will guide you and satisfy your needs in parched places, and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters never fail. Your ancient ruins shall be restored; you shall lay the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the rebuilder of streets for the children of the divine to live in.


Sorry for the short post guys.  A convention this weekend and I'm running late.  See you Monday! 


  1. Light -> lit
    From it's floof -> its

    If you remember it's = it is , you'll never get it wrong

  2. I like these verses.

    ^"'ll never get it wrong." Oof, watch where you're swinging that self-righteousness, buddy! You did leave out punctuation, after all! ;) Typos happen.

  3. Thanks for all comments, I usually recurse to Strunk and White when I lose control of my commas and the grocer's appostrophe creeps in... ;-)

    I'm glad you like the verses, GV, sometimes good gets into the book used to bludgeon people into being religious!

  4. Verses to inspire
    Changes already set in play,
    helps keep you on path.