Thursday, February 2, 2012

623 - Like the Election Night

I sat in the fountain up to my waist, an oily drift floating away from me whenever the water began to still but I was mostly clean.  Bits of cake sank slowly away to the filters.  The city water takishas must absolute hate this day with everything clogging the filters.­­

Bella started licking the back of my head and I ducked under to discourage her.  When I came up, holding hands both sides, Cream offered me a pipe.  I drew in a full lung-full and things began to get even more odd. Ky sat in the water next to me giggling, the mamoka with all our royal guests on her back rocked gently, ignoring the talk and laughter from the platform on her, and snuffled over her head with her trunk, gently picking through Ky's soaked hair for bits and pieces of treats.  Virani-e and Niku were up there with the foreign royalty.  I wondered vaguely when they’d left the water-fight in the fountain.

Tanifas whistled the dogs up away from their gorging and the whole sodden, raggle-taggle pack followed him away.  He'd put them all away to sleep it off.

My beloved... the wedding vows still rang through me.  They were powerful when heard, but so much more... So much stronger when you opened your own mouth and spoke them.  Of course I would love, honour, cherish and defend her.  As she swore to the Ten before all Arko to their wild cheers.  Of course in Jitz she could swear to defend me instead of obey me.   ...her breasts... leaping to her breath... her eyes... her limbs twining around me... If I weren’t sitting in water... I'd be blushing anyway. The Great Songs of Muunas and Selinae... oh my Ten they were so... exciting.  I could swear... yes... more than one couple in the crowd around us are kissing and... more.

I caught Kyriala’s eye, even as Gan and Fara close in behind both of us.  “You silly Arkans!” Fara says, winding her fingers between Gan’s to alternate colours.  “Nothing that happens here is real! Why are you just sitting there grinning at one another?”

“It’s all a dream,” Gan whispered in my ear.  He was right.  People were clapping bare hands and chanting either ‘kiss him’ or ‘kiss her!’ depending on their preference.  Ky and I had our ringed hands still locked together under the water and I leaned to kiss her just as she leaned to kiss me and I nearly choked because someone hit us with a sugar bag and her lips and mine... our faces were covered with sugar her kiss... so soft. Sweet in a way that had nothing to do with food. 

So sweet. The second and third kisses were better.  This was like the night of the election.  She pulled back and ran a finger over her lips.  “His lips are like lilies and sweet myrrh...” she quoted her own holy verses.  I could barely hear her for the cheering and the whistling.  I was so warm I needed the water splashing on me.  Gan was so firm... almost hot against my back and I was suddenly transported to that night.  His kilt would be tented if he stood up. We’re married.  We can... we should... we... oh Ten... are we going to... oh Ten!

“We have alsinae ritual to get to... in the Marble Palace,” Farasha said and for some reason that made Ky smile even brighter. 

“I submit to my wife...” I whispered.  “In the spirit of the season”.  All three of them must have heard me. They caught me up, gave me just enough time to realize that they were going to duck me again before hauling my soaking wet self across the presentation fountain bridge, up the steps and through the Steel Gate.

For some reason that had me so warm that I was sure they’d mention it and my ... my vile organs were so... active that I had difficulty walking.  Gan had me by one wrist, Ky by the other and her hand was just as strong as his.  She can relay.  That needs grip like... ooooh... Like that. Fara was on her other side and the crowd’s appreciative whistling and clapping followed us.  Oh, um... my kilt is tented... I should be terribly embarrassed.  I should be... Ky... she’s whispering in my ear... oh... not whispering her breath and her tongue.  Oh... my dream... my dream is coming true.  Oh Ten, let me get into privacy before I shame all of us.

“It’s Jitzmitthra, Minis.” Fara had them stop and just before we were out of sight of everyone outside she pulled my kilt down and the crowd just whooped and laughed and cheered me as if I’d done something.  Well... I looked down at my not so vile organ and it jumped and bounced as I did, as if it were eager.  It was.  I was... oh, my wife had me in her delicate... strong hands and my loves had me firmly.  My knees buckled and they lifted me right off the ground to carry me away.

Go, Minis, Go Kyriala, Go Minis, Go Kyriala, go Gannara, go, Farasha, go boys, go girls... go, go, go!”

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  1. Go Go GO!! Wheee!
    Now that truly was the best part of a Jitz wedding, Ky got to swear to defend her husband rather than cower in his shadow!
    But of course the best part of any wedding is what comes next...