Tuesday, February 7, 2012

626 - ...You're So Pretty!

Fara said, “Minis if you smile any wider the top of your head will come off!” But she said it softly, not to interrupt, but to add.

I leaned down and kissed the top of Ky’s foot where my hand had been.  My hand was on her ankle now, as my lips brushed the tender skin. My other hand found her other ankle and I started stroking up and down her smooth calves, slowly, as I watched my own bare fingers trailing her gasps up and down.  Her hands clutched the bedclothes on one side and my robe on the other, pulling me closer.

My fingers found the bottom edge of the robe, rucked up to her knees and she whimpered, but it was a pleasure sound and I knew not to flinch.  One of her hands reached up to grasp my trailing hair and turn me all the way around so she and I were head to head, though I was still on my knees.  Her skin was warm and soft under my fingertips and I thought ‘I wonder what she tastes like?’ so I brought my left hand up and she caught my fingers which I raised to my lips.

I didn’t just kiss but drew one of her fingertips into my mouth, just like in the knucklesuckers, tasted the sweet edge of the nail with the soft skin inside my mouth, gently ran my teeth along the ridges of her finger. She opened her eyes, her face soft and eager and urgent, mouth open, then her other hand let go the bedclothes and reached over to seize my... my thigh.   The spider silk – I couldn’t tell if it was there at all.

It was my turn to gasp, letting the air rush to cool her fingertip, even as she drew it along my mouth and up under my ear.  Her fingers slid to the back of my head and she drew me down to kiss me.  I was half lying on her and realizing that I was pulling her robe up higher but my mind was on her tongue and following every scorching motion of it in my own mouth.

I could hear Gan moan and realized that Farasha had him pinned and was kissing him just as thoroughly as Ky was kissing me and the sounds they were making only made me hotter if that were even possible.  I was bursting into flames and each flame was a groan into her mouth and hers into mine.

We writhed on the bed, hands wild on each other, full of need that no longer needed to be denied, restrained.  I caught my breath and made my hands go gentler again, sat up to see our robes were half off. She opened her eyes reproachfully that I’d pulled back. “I... I... still haven’t seen my wife... naked...” I panted and tugged at her robe.

She broke into a smile and raised her arms so I could pull off the bothersome piece of cloth.  “It’s beautiful but nowhere near the beauty of what it covers.”  I sounded like one of the soppiest of heroes but I didn’t care.  It made her smile. It made her laugh.

“Minis, you’re terrible.”

I was gaping at her and almost didn’t hear.  Her body was as perfect as her wrists and ankles had hinted, the way she moved in wet bathing costume.  Her breasts... oh, her breasts, pale as cream and the pink nipples standing up hard and crinkled, nubbly.  “Oh... oh, beautiful woman, let me... prove how terrible I can be... oh you are so beautiful!”

No darkness, no steam, nothing but her smooth, smooth skin and her hair flowing over it like rivers of sunlight.  I put my hands out but she stopped me.  “If I am naked... so are you.”

Oh.  That cooled me.  I shrank back from the idea.  “Ky...”

“Shhh.  Show me.”  Her tone was warm but very firm.  I swallowed hard and she was tugging at the edge of my robe.  With my hands shaking, I drew the robe off over my head, my breath puffing hot around my head as I did.  Cool air flowed over my skin and I set my teeth trying not to shrink into myself. Gan and Fara had paused in their exploration of each other, watching, there to help if I needed it.

“Oh.” She whispered so I couldn’t tell if her tone was neutral, angry or just disgusted.  I curled up a little despite my telling myself not to. My penis shrivelled up in the cooler air and I couldn’t look at her.  “Minis... you’re so pretty... oh, I’m sorry I should say handsome... but I love that!”

I blinked my eyes open at her in confusion.  She was indeed looking at me.  “Oh, look at you!” She put her hands out and traced my nipples with her fingers.  “They’re standing up hard. I didn’t know men’s nipples even did that!”  Her fingers played with the hair around each one and I just collapsed sideways not sure whether to laugh helplessly or faint.  Then with one nail she trailed it down the line of hair down my breastbone and then spread flat against my lower belly.

“You’re beautiful too, my husband,” she said and pressed her glorious nakedness against me and all thoughts and fears began to flow away as if she pressed them off me with the heat of her skin. She reached down, watching my face, as she gently cupped my vile organs.  “Aigh!”  I couldn’t help it, I jumped.


  1. Here is hoping that Ky's love helps him better understand the lessons that they are not "vile organs"

    Can't wait for tomorrow's installment

  2. I love reaching the climax of a story.