Monday, February 6, 2012

625 - I AM Barefoot

The party was still going on loud when my wife... my new wife... what a thought... my wife... took my hands in hers and compared stack of rings on our fingers.  “I like that.  I like that a great deal.”

“So do I,” I said.  It seemed as if the most noise was over by the festival tables, leaving us in this peculiar little silence.  Gan leaned his head against me, knocking against my back.  “I even like this idiot pounding on me.”

“Idiot?  Who’s the idiot?  I’m not the only one sitting here with my family and friends instead of starting my wedding night.”  I could hear the grin in his voice.  Fara, who had gone off to the garderobe, supposedly, leaned in the south door of the suite and beckoned.  “There... she went to check and see if the coast was clear.”

“Good,” Ky said, laced her fingers through mine and Gan boosted me onto my feet as she pulled.  “We can escape now while everyone else is busy.”  Was everyone in on this but me?  I was so tired.  The Arkanherb was a lovely warm glow under my skin.

“All right,” I said.  We sneaked out under the joyous noise of the party behind us.  I was certain I saw both my mother and Grandfather notice but they said nothing.  We tiptoed down the corridor into our suite and found that the servants had been there first.  They weren’t supposed to do anything in Jitz but someone had loaded the table with a myriad of tiny, meant-to- be-eaten-with-the-fingers foods and two earthenware wine vases to keep the bottles at a perfect temperature.

The instant the door closed behind us I sat down on the floor, abruptly, completely overwhelmed.  I... here... I... if I didn’t... if I couldn’t...  “Come on, straw-headed fool.”  Gan was big enough to lift me up entirely and set me on the bed where Ky folded me in her arms and pulled me close.  I was about to protest but my nose was filled with the scent of roses and I had my head buried in her chest... between her breasts and I couldn’t think.

“Shhh.  Minis it’s all right.” I shifted to look up at her and I could feel how strong her hands and arms were.  She relayed.  She flew.  And something clicked together in my mind.

“You were my dream in Yeola-e,” I said.  “How did you manage that?”

She blushed.  I found myself tracing the edge of the robe where her reddening skin disappeared with my eyes, suddenly wanting to trace that edge with a finger... or my tongue.  “I... well.”

“In Yeola-e?” Fara said.  She and Gan sat on the edge of the big bed, leaning back against the headboard, arms around each other.

“I... sneaked into Minis’s room while we were at –“

Gannara started to giggle.  “Good for you, Ky!”  I buried my face back into her chest as she started to laugh and that was good because I got more rose perfume.  Ky’s roses.  And... that other scent.  What girls smell like... I should say what women smell like.  I went all light headed and realized I was tenting my robe, but it was just rising, not fully stiff yet.

“May I... May I see you, Ky?” Her eyebrows went up and then her smile grew mischievous.

“You are seeing me, I’m right here!”

“Aw, Ky...”  I felt myself blushing as well at how childlike that was.  It was a whine worthy of Ili.  I managed to cough without sounding like Ailadas and tried to sound worldly and manly.  “I would dearly love to see my wife –“ I couldn’t manage it.  “...nnnaked.”

Even though Farasha and Gan were busy kissing each other, they still giggled.  Ky let me go, slowly unwinding her arms, and said... “I think you might be able to persuade me.  After all, I AM barefoot.”  She lay with her arms tucked close to her chest, her fists under her chin and as I looked down to her feet, waggled one of those bare feet at me.  Her toes... her nails were tinted a darker pink than usual and she had a tiny rose pattern painted just between the big toe and the next.  I caught my breath along with my lower lip between my teeth as I laid one of my fingers delicately on that flower.  It was her turn to gasp.

My penis was so hard by now that I was straining the material caught between us.  It... I was throbbing with it.  I laid my whole hand on the top of her foot, soft as if taking up control of a wing, or holding a horse's reins.  Soft as if soothing Ili or sliding a hand along Jia's velvetty skin or the slick hide of a dayan. 

She flung her head back and quivered all over her body and I stopped, afraid that I had been too rough.  "Don't you dare stop, Minis Kurkas Joras Amitzas Aan!" She said through her panting and sudden giggles.  "Don't stop there!"


  1. Augh! No, don't stop there!
    hee hee... oh how we've been waiting for this... mrrmmreow!
    (why do I suspect someone might make this last all week... or perhaps hope might be the better term)

  2. Oooo this should be a wonderful week of reading.

    BTW I voted for you and Karen in the rose & bay

    1. Thanks, Amy!

      Yes, one thing I approve of with the voting this year - you can vote for more than one. So you don't have to make those painful decisions.

  3. Can you tell that your kliklikitty got tired of open id's problems???

  4. Dear kliklikitty/Amy! Thank you for your votes and thank you for your support.